There are many things you can do to gain more respect, love, and admiration from people. These simple tips will help you build your confidence and help you feel better about yourself. If you don't believe in yourself then no one else will believe in you. Read on to learn how to get more respect from people.

Believe it or not, lifting weights and becoming big, strong, and muscular, can gain you a lot of respect, admiration, and attention from a lot of people where ever you go. Having a ripped, muscular, healthy body can get you a lot of respect from others, not to mention compliments and admiration. It may also inspire other people to start exercising and improving their body if they see how much success you are having physically.

You should have a good fashion sense when it comes to your wardrobe. You don't have to dress in the latest trends, but your wardrobe should be unique and bring positive attention to yourself. The way you dress should speak volumes about you. Mix it up. Dress in nice polo shirts one day and dres up in a customized suit the next. A person who dresses good and looks good also feels good about themselves and their self worth.

Consider not working for your boss or working part time in order to start your own business on the side or full time possibly. These are great opportunities for you to create passive income and make more money without you having to do a lot of work for it. This will get you more respect from your friends and family and allow you to work for yourself or to make money on the side. Consider finding other sources of income to diversify your income. Things like making money online or investing in real estate are excellent ways to increase your income and gain you more respect from friends and family and people you may meet.

Be firm with people. You should be able to socialize with almost anyone, but don't allow them to walk over you or use you in any way. This is a sign of someone who has the ability to look out for themselves and it will ultimately get you more respect from people. People should understand that you are a person who respects yourself and that you are a person who expects people to respect you in order for you to respect them.

Be a person of your word. Never lie to people or mislead them. Integrity and honor are two things that you must possess to get respect and admiration from people. If you lie or don't stick to your word then this will cause people to lose all respect for you and it is the ultimate sign of someone who is not a friend nor to be trusted.

If you follow these tips, you will gain more respect from a lot more people and become more confident in yourself! Good luck!