Life is a unique experience especially so with your loved ones. You never want this experience to be bad. However, circumstances may alter these experiences into unwanted ones. These can be avoided if some simple principles are followed. These are: understanding each others view point, thinking before speaking or keeping mum at times, and so on which are elaborated below.

Understanding each others view point. It is always believed that the life runs on a chariot with two equal wheels running it with all the synergies. Consider for a moment, each wheel thinking independently. Will the chariot run to its intended destination? It will never reach. For it to reach the intended destination, both the partners have to first align themselves towards the common goal. In spite of aligning to common goals, each partner can still be independent in their own sphere. However, this should be hindrance to the common goal. Once this is achieved, each one should be mature enough to understand each others independence and view point. One must consider oneself into others shoe and evaluate the effects of the current circumstances. After duly ascertaining the outcome of your actions, eventual actions can be planned for betterment. Here one point must be kept in mind; there may be deviations always from the decided action plans. But one needs to accept it as a fact of life and move on.

Thinking before speaking. Words are the strongest weapons in human history. Most of the battles are drawn up and fought just because of ill-construed words and mis-conception of the ideas. The same is applicable to daily life as well. Some wrong words can change the entire complexion of the relationships. I normally exercise lots of restraint in my words. But still I am a human being. On one occasion, I spoke some words which were not required, which I realized later. But it was too late. I could see the sea change in behaviour of my partner. After that it took a long time to restore that confidence and understanding. Hence in spite of your restraint, keep remembering consciously about thinking before speaking. On certain occasions, it is always better to keep mum even at the cost of some confusion. On that occasion, there might be some misunderstandings, but the relationships don't suffer. Or even if it suffers, it doesn't damage the relationships. However, on first immediate opportunity to clear any doubts raised by your silence, it need to be cleared; but in person only. This will create a stronger bond amongst the partners.

Having continuous dialogue. There is a need to have a continuous dialogue amongst the partners. This is especially true in current environment where the partners either don't speak at all or speak only materialistic things. This may be due to both working for their living, pre-occupation with official or other domestic problems, or to much engrossed with oneself. All these things need to be guarded against. The dialogue may not be a formal dialogue. It may be on any subject personal or otherwise. It should necessarily consist of all mental, physical and other needs of the family and subsequently if possible of the society we live in. This will not only solve daily conflicts, but will have far reaching consequences in building lasting relationships and better living environment.