Oh My God

     A couple of weeks ago I decided to write.  This isn't a new idea, but it's been a while.  Long enough that technology evolved.  I am not computer orientated, heck I'm not V.C.R. orientated.  Children find operating these machines second nature, where as I need  instructions to read the instructions.  Anything requiring a technological brain is not something I grasp easily.  CONFUSION REIGNS;  describes my ability to understand and navigate in our computerized  society.  That being said, I'm motivated work through my confusion and learn.

     Searching the words "making money on-line" directed me to many sites.  I scrolled down the list and somewhere I came across the Hub.  If truth be told the Hub was the first site that I looked at that interested me.  As I read further the site informed me that InfoBarrelpays better than the Hub.  You don't have to tell me twice, I quickly logged on with InfoBarrel.

    I started writing here at InfoBarrel a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, you probably guessed it, I am new to the program.  I began writing with making money my goal.  There is so much to learn, I'm overwhelmed.  As I stated I am not computer savvy, but I am quick and thought I would be able to pick up the ins and outs of this easily. Yike's the more I read the more confused I get.  Between learning terminology, which by the way,  are alien to people who are not on the net, to navigating on the net itself,   is challenging.

   The terminology is weird and worse  it builds on itself.  Adsense turned me down for  using the wrong domain.  I didn't have a clue what they meant,  thank-fully someone helped me in the forum.  I didn't even know what SEO stood for.  Now I understand  what the letters stand for, but it will be a while till I really am able to use  the SEO effectively.  It appears that a lot of the system becomes meaningful as time goes by.  Like you really have to chip away, bit by bit, to get the drift. 

    The forums are great except in cases like this.  In a futile attempt to understand how traffic builds I read about linking things together using bookmarks.  Over to bookmarks I go and guess what?  Confusion,  I find so many types of bookmarks  that after reading about them, I still am lost.   Confusion.

  Today I read about increasing revenue with Affiliate Programs,  E Books , Continuity Programs along with a few more ways.  They sound so great.  The person who was speaking was earning big money.  When you read or hear about the people who have had incredible success I'm blown away.  For me,  an individual who is new to the Web, these people compel me to  learn.  I am starting to understand that while writing is obviously important, studying is just as important.  Looking at some of the suggestions on Blogger really showed me how much studying I need.  I need a lot to overcome my confusion..

    Most blogs about making money offer useful tips. They are important and I for one appreciate the fact that we can use them.  The reason I put this in print was because I think a lot of people are also confused.  So this goes out to all of you,  keep trying, the confusion might lift.