Are you looking for conga drums for sale? Well, you've come to the right place. Conga drums for sale are very commonly used in Latin and salsa music. They were previously made from hollowed logs, much like the African drum, but modern ones have a staved wooden or fibreglass shell. Conga drums for sale often come in pairs of two or four, each with different tunings and size to produce different beats. Because of its versatility, the drummers (known as congueros) can play these instruments standing up or sitting down. Unlike normal drum sets which are played using drum sticks, these instruments are played using bare hands. Famous bands like Santana use them to create their music. This article will take you through some important facts about conga drums for sale, some popular models and places where you can buy them for cheap.

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Conga drums for sale come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 9 inches to 14 inches. The 9 inch one is called a Ricardo, which is hanged on a shoulder strap when played. There are about four sizes up the line at around 10, 11, 12 and 12.5 inches and the largest sized one is called the supertumba at 14 inches. While this may be used as a general guideline, actual measurements vary between manufacturers.


As mentioned earlier, modern conga drums for sale are created from wood or fibreglass, with the latter becoming increasingly popular. While this development has been able to produce cheap models, those made from wood actually produce a rich and warm sound depending on the type of wood used to make the conga drums for sale. Common woods used are ash and oak.

Another important thing to look at is the material of the head of the conga drums for sale. Different units are made from different materials. You would find that most of the cheaper models use a synthetic material for the head while higher end ones use cowhides which are capable of producing a more resonant sound.

Popular Conga Drums for Sale

If you are new, here are some popular conga drums for sale on the market to get you started. There are also higher range models listed here to suit the experienced players. All those that are listed here are best sellers in the category. Check them out to see whether they are suitable for your needs.

Latin Percussion Aspire Wood Set - These conga drums for sale comes in a set of two, measuring 10 inches and 11 inches in diameter respectively. It also comes with a stand for you to mount them for easy playing. This 28" tall set is made of oak wood and comes in either a natural finish or a red wood finish with a rawhide head. Priced at $329 after a 40% discount on Amazon, this is certainly an affordable set which is perfect for beginners.

Tycoon Supremo Series - This is another popular model for beginners. Available in natural, red and black, it is made of oak wood and buffalo skin head. This series of conga drums for sale comes in a set of two at 10" and 11" wide. This set also comes with a stand to hold them.

Toca 3112-1/2CF - Toca is another popular manufacturer of conga drums for sale. This model by them is suitable for an intermediate player who is looking to upgrade their existing set. It features a 28" tall Asian Oak shell which produces a crisp and clear sound and a 12.5 inch diameter head.

Tycoon Percussion Master Hand Crafted Pinstripe Series – This is one of the higher end models available on the market for those who are already experienced. Also made of Siam oak, these percussions hand carved by a craftsman to create a pinstripe finish. Because of this element, the carvings would be different on each unit, making yours unique. This luxurious series comes in four sizes at 10", 11" 11.75" and 12.5".

Latin Percussion Galaxy 12.5" LP810Z - Manufactured by Latin Percussion, this set of conga drums for sale is made of high quality fibreglass with a glittery finish. Standing at 30 inches tall with a 12.5 inch diameter, they produce a rich and deep bass while managing to hit some high tones. Their heads are made from rawhide which signifies quality and comfort when playing. Included in the set is an accessory pouch, tuning wrench and LP Lug Lube.

Where to Buy Conga Drums for Sale

Now that you know some of the popular models of conga drums for sale, here are some places where you can purchase them for a low price. Because these instruments are more rare compared to conventional drum sets, you would be able to find more choices online compared to your local music store. - This is the best place for you to search for conga drums for sale. They have a wide variety of choices from different manufacturers such as LP, Tycoon, Toca and Remo, so you would definitely be able to find a suitable one on that site. You will find that very often, they offer savings up to 50% for certain sets with free shipping, so it would be best to buy one before they run out of stock. Remember, because of the limited demand for conga drums for sale, the amount of stock they keep are little compared to say electric guitars. - Another good place to search for conga drums for sale is on this website. They specialize in these instruments, so you would be able to find a huge range of models available - This is another site where you can search for conga drums for sale and other accessories. They also offer free shipping on certain models, so make use of that to save even more.

These are the three most popular sites to buy conga drums for sale. Browse through the selection and narrow down the choices to those that are suitable for your playing level and also those that are within your budget. Once you have selected a particular model, compare prices across these sites and purchase from the one which gives you the best deal.