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Have you ever wanted to play videos from your computer on a large screen TV or projector? Wouldn't it be great to get away from the small screen and stream content on the big screen? Well, I'm going to show how easy it is. 

These steps were performed on a Asus Windows 7 laptop with a HDMI port from the built-in video card. The TV used was a 1080p Plasma. Assuming, your hardware is similar this should work for you. Also, you will need a HDMI cable and a TV with a HDMI input port. I'm using a Blue Rigger HDMI cable and it is backwards compatible with earlier HDMI standards. 

1. Click Start Menu > type in "Connect to a projector." If you have a different model you may need to go to your Control Panel and then click on Display. There should be a setting allowing you to connect to an external monitor or projector. 

Windows 7 Display

2. Click on Connect to a projector. For now, just click on Duplicate. This way the monitor and the TV or projector will show the same output. It's also the safest option to make sure the settings are correct.

Connect to Projector

3. You can now connect your HDMI output from your Laptop/PC to the TV or projector's HDMI input. Depending on the resolution of the TV, it could look perfect or not fill up the screen, but that's ok. If you have a 720p laptop and a 720p TV, then you should have a perfect fit. If not, you have a bit more work to do.

Make sure to have the TV set to the right input! 

4. Let's assume, you have a 1080p TV and a 720p laptop display. In order to get higher resolutions to show up, you will need to repeat steps 1 and 2 and choose "Projector only." On my laptop, it will automatically detect the resolution needed. If not, repeat step 1 and choose the proper resolution. 

5. You may notice one small problem once you complete this. No Sound!!! Well, thankfully it's a simple fix. You can right-click the speaker icon on the bottom right and click playback devices. You will then right-click the device connected through the HDMI cable and click "Set as Default Communication Device." Sound should start streaming right out of your TV. 

Sound Playback Devices

Notes: I can skip step 1 by either holding the windows symbol + p or Fn + F8. This should bring up the projector dialog immediately. 

You can add devices such as a wireless mouse or trackball that you have lying around to control what you see on the screen. There are also laptop interfacing remotes for ease of use. Since, it is a laptop or PC, the options are unlimited and are easily upgraded. 

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