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Facebook Page For Business Use

Question: Do you article writers use Facebook to connect yourself with Facebook Revenue Sharing Website pages?

Many of us article writers use Revenue Sharing Website platforms to write articles to generate revenue. Using free to join Revenue Sharing Websites and using their services makes it so easy to write articles without having to understand how to use a website platform. Article writers don't have to worry about purchasing a Hosting plan or purchase a Domain Name and don't need to know HTML code either. The Revenue Sharing Websites take care of their platform by Hosting it and make it user-friendly for it's members. The Revenue Sharing Websites run the show and seek out people who enjoy writing online to write articles. They do this because they earn revenue and so do the members.

Revenue Sharing Websites expand daily and one of the easiest ways they continue to grow their community is creating a Facebook page where all it's members can join. Becoming a fan or a follower to the Revenue Sharing Websites Facebook pages is a perfect free way to keep up-to-date with each of the Revenue Sharing Websites you use to write. Thousands of their members use Facebook as a way to learn what challenges are coming up, contests, improvements, announcements in general and is a good way to connect to other article writers. Joining the Revenue Sharing Websites Facebook pages sends you updates without you having to sign into every website to find out what's happening.

Have you noticed that most of the Revenue Sharing Websites offer an easy way to send an article to your Facebook page? Infobarrel for example has a tools section at the top right of articles written by it's members. You will notice a Facebook icon that allows you to easily send an article to your Facebook page. You click on the icon and then click share and the article is sent straight to your wall.

Have you considered creating a separate Facebook page from your original Facebook page? Creating a separate Facebook page to follow all of the Revenue Sharing Websites is like creating a folder within your email. I've been joining all of the Revenue Sharing Websites Facebook pages but I found that any time the Revenue Sharing Websites posted an announcement to their wall and because I belong to a lot of them my wall was being taken over with updated posts. So I did some researched and learned I could create a separate page from my original Facebook account. It's wonderful. I plan on becoming a fan to all of the free resources I use to write articles and then some.

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If your intimidated or don't have the time to teach yourself how to create a separate Facebook page, below I give instructions to help you go through the motions to learn how to create one. I hope it helps.

  1. Sign into your Facebook account.
  2. On the left click "See More".
  3. Click "Ads and Pages".
  4. Click "+ Create Page".
  5. Under "Official Page" choose what you want to create a page for.
  6. Create page name
  7. Click "I'm the official representative".
  8. And finally click "Create Official Page".

I'm sure many people are more computer savvy than I but it took me a long while to learn how to create a separate Facebook page to use for business. I don't enjoy signing into my Facebook account to find posts from all of the websites I belong to taking over my wall. I enjoy my personal Facebook account for family and friends. I now have a separate Facebook page and it does not interfere with my personal account.