PC monitors are often times limited in size, anything larger than 26" will often cost the same as a HD TV of 32" or more, why pay more, or the same for less? Why not simply connect your PC to the TV you already have, it could be much much cheaper! http://www.infobarrel.com/media/image/38923.jpg

Things You Will Need

Firstly what equipment do you have already? Do you have a High Definition (HD) TV, or a rather old one? How old is your computer? It's becoming quite common for new computers to have HDMI ports built in as standard, which will carry both picture and sound to your television, if you have HDMI slots on your TV and your computer then this setup should work straight out of the box, so to speak.

Step 1

So, you probably have a VGA, or DVI Monitor, most Televisions don't have VGA but some do have DVI now, if you have a PC and a TV with DVI connections you simply need to get a DVI cable to get video to your TV (though not sound, which will be explained later).. If you only have VGA, it's likely that you'll need to invest in a graphics card, before you do that make sure you know exactly what slots your TV has. You also might want to check that your computer will be able to use this graphics card, whatever you choose to get it's advisable to google the name plus the word compatibility. Other factors like RAM, Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux, Other) can have an effect on what graphics card is suitable for you. The main concern is whether or not it will fit onto your motherboard, check my article on Computer Expansion Slots to learn more on this. If your computer is able for it and your television has HDMI slots, I recommend that you get a graphics card with a HDMI slot, though this can be pricey. I myself am using a graphics card with S-Video, with an S-Video to S-Video cable (my TV is quite old), the setup cost me 40 Euro.

Step 2

Well, if you're using a HDMI cable, don't worry, this should bring picture and sound to your TV just fine. Anything else requires a cable or two. If you're connecting with S-Video or DVI you'll need to get a separate cable to carry over the sound. As long as your computer has a working Headphones slot this should be no problem, just invest in a 3.5mm Jack To 2 RCA Lead. Connecting your PC to a TV could be the easiest thing in the world, as simple a buying one wee cable, maybe you'll have to install a new graphics card- but this in itself is relatively simple, even for amateurs, if in any doubt look for advice from experts, most PC shops will be happy to help you install a graphics card. I hope this information could be of some use to you, if you have any problems or questions feel free to leave a comment below and I'll try to help you as much as I can

Tips & Warnings

Do not attempt to install a graphics card if you don't know what you are doing, this could be dangerous and you could lose your PC, or cause yourself some injury.