Connecticut Log Cabin

Connecticut log cabin rentals are popular with many people. Some families make an annual pilgrimage to Connecticut and stay in a log cabin for their summer vacation. Connecticut is a beautiful state to visit and one of the more popular seasons to visit is in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Connecticut in the fall is absolutely gorgeous and staying in a Connecticut log cabin is much more preferential to staying in a motel or hotel.

Connecticut Log Cabin Rentals

You can find a wide variety of Connecticut log cabin rentals including rustic cabins, chalet style cabins, large cabins, a-frame cabins and little cottage cabins with no utilities.

Connecticut Log Cabin Area

Connecticut is a small state but you still want to decide on which part of the state you want to rent a Connecticut log cabin in.

Long Term Cabin Rental or Short term Cabin Rental in Connecticut

You can find both long term and short term Connecticut log cabin rentals. If you want to stay for an entire season you can or you can rent a Connecticut for a week or less.

Rustic or Modern Connecticut Log Cabin

Do you want a tiny cozy cabin or do you want an outlandishly sized log cabin that will be very expensive to rent? Most people prefer to save their money and simply rent a small rustic cabin.

Connecticut Log Cabins Rental List

You can find Connecticut log cabin rental lists online. You can also search websites such as Craigslist to find any individuals that are renting out a log cabin. One of the best ways to find a Connecticut log cabin rental list is to call a properly management company that rents out Connecticut log cabins or you can contact a real estate agent in the area. Many real estate agents either rent out properties or are aware of log cabins that are for rent in the Connecticut area.

Summer Cabins in the wintertime in Connecticut

Winter time rates generally are a bit lower than the cost you would pay for the summer rental rates. Connecticut is absolutely stunningly gorgeous in the late fall and winter.

Connecticut Bed and Breakfast Log Cabins

Connecticut is home to many bed and breakfast establishments but there are not as many log cabin style bed and breakfasts as there are in say Colorado or Alaska.

Connecticut Log cabin Living

Living in a log home in Connecticut is awesome even if you are only there for a week. At the end of the week you may decide to buy your own log cabin and you can easily do it regardless of your financial situation by using a log cabin layaway plan.

Connecticut Log Cabin Rental Prices

Prices vary depending on the log cabin and how many nights you want to rent the log cabin for. Connecticut log cabin rental prices will generally cost you over a $100 per night but you can find cheaper log cabins to rent. The price will also go down per night if you choose to rent for an extended period of time. Image Credit: (Picasa/Darius)