Father plays a significant part in building the trust and bond with the unborn baby. His involvement will help the unborn baby to develop the sense of trust and security in the earliest stage. The following article focuses my sharing of how a father connects with his unborn baby. I hope it will give some insight on the important role of father to connect with unborn baby at the earliest stage.

Baby's smile

Communication to Unborn Baby

Communication is crucial to help father to connect with the unborn baby. At 6 weeks of my third conception, my husband was worried about the high expenses of raising a child. I explained to him the joy of having one more child in a home that would make a difference in our family. After our discussion and dialogue, he realized that a baby was a gift and blessing from God. He changed his mind and started to communicate with unborn baby by talking to him and ask for forgiveness. He said to the unborn baby," I love you. Please forgive me for thinking too much on the practical issues. Your presence is important for us." Amazingly, the baby responded by moving some movement inside. We were glad and felt peace after having response from the unborn baby.

Suggestion to Unborn Baby

Suggestion plays an important role to communicate with unborn baby. I went for the medical consultation on 25.11.2006 to check for the spine of unborn baby. In the first 2 times, baby did not flip so doctor cannot see the spine clearly. After half an hour later, I talked to my baby and asked him to flip to the position that doctor can scan him properly. However, he did not flip after talking to him. It dawned on me that I did not trust baby can do it then.

My husband and I went for a walk for another half an hour to relax ourselves. My husband started to use suggestion to talk to baby. He touched my tummy and said gently to baby," Baby, we love you. Daddy, mummy, grandparents and your brothers wanted to see a picture of your spine. Please flip over so they can see your picture clearly. Can you flip your back so doctor can see your spine clearly? We believe in you. You can do it."

We entered the consultation room, doctor scanned him again. Astonishingly, baby had flipped to the correct positioning beautifully. His spine was smooth and strong. We were happy to see that baby was healthy from head to toe. We were relieved and joyful. I learn to trust and believe my unborn baby. He did his best in his own way.

In conclusion, father puts an effort to communicate could make a significant impact on unborn baby. Father's involvement during mother's pregnancy is essential to build up a connection and lasting relationship with the unborn baby.