All of us deal with fears, especially in direct sales. Fears are the primary stumbling block to our achieving our success and for many people it can be the primary reason that they are reluctant to engage in a direct sales business opportunity.

In direct sales many people fear simply "asking for the sale" or telling people about the business opportunity. Why is that? Perhaps fear of rejection or fear of failure. Well here are some strategies for conquering your fears of asking:

Ask empowering self-directed questions (Survival Analysis)

•What is the worst thing that can happen?

•Can I handle it? There is huge empowerment in going over this survival analysis.

•What is the best that can happen?

Use the power of your imagination to visualize your best case scenario

•This will induce a positive state and give you both the courage and energy to confront your fears.

•Clear emotional visualization of the attainment of your best case scenario excites you to take action

•Use the law of replacement: replace fears with positive affirmations. Use anchoring to recall empowering state. Visualize experience where you successfully conquered a limitation or fear. Put yourself into that experience and allow yourself to emotionally experience it again. Once you are in a peak emotional state then proceed to confront your current fear.

Change your paradigm for asking

•Change your mindsets. You are providing the person with a benefit. You are not a burden to them. Show them how your service / product benefits them.

Give yourself permission to be clumsy and awkward while asking

•Reframe failure as education

•You never fail to produce an outcome

•You never fail to produce a response

•If it's not the response you want, change your strategy until you get the outcome you want

•Realize that rejection is not a real loss. You are no worse off then you previously were. In fact you are better because you have confronted your fears (which will make it easier for you to ask in the future). Also a rejection is not a rejection of you personally, it is a rejection of the business or the product. You are the agent

Realize that everyone else is afraid as well.

•Fear is the companion to growth. As long as I grow there will be unfamiliar situations and fears

•The only way to get rid of the fear is to go out and do it

•So if everyone feels fear why do some people go out and do it in spite of their fear? The answer is that fear is not the problem, it is how you hold your fear:

•Holding Fear as Power: Leads to Choice, Energy, Action

•Holding Fear as Pain: Leads to Helplessness, Depression, Paralysis

Conquering your fear is the only way to ultimate success!