Do you live in constant fear? Are you worried that your house may be broken into, that your kids won't be safe when they go out, that your car will be stolen, or that you will get robbed or injured? If so you are probably causing yourself an incredible amount of undue psychological stress, and actively preventing yourself from experiencing much potential happiness, joy and contentment. I am not talking about the fear you may experience when you are in an unfamiliar part of the city late at night by yourself, this is a reflection of survival instincts designed to keep you alive, which is often activated in unfamiliar situations. I'm talking about a more pervasive fear that underlies your day to day activities. While fear is a mechanism designed to keep us alive, it also has the potential to keep us from ever living.

There are many good reasons to be afraid, but most of these are situational, such as a house fire or heart attack. You probably don't fear these things during your normal daily activities. Then there are fears that have been manufactured, the stuff you see whenever you watch the news or read the paper. Hearing stories about terrorism, drunk drivers, and airplane crashes jade our perceptions of reality. The likelihood of any of these events transpiring is so low that to spend emotional energy worrying about them is extremely counterproductive. Yet many of these images have been drilled into our minds so repeatedly that we probably cannot help but feel some fear. Maybe not in all of these situations, but in certain ones that hold some significance for us. I don't mind flying, but I often feel some nagging doubt in the back of my mind at some point during a flight. Some people I know are much worse, and I'm surprised that they ever leave the house for the number of fears they have of personal injury.

The problem with fear is that it forces us to focus on things that we don't want. By spending our energies here, automatically we are not focusing on that which we do want. Can you imagine ever getting what you want if you don't focus on it? It's not going to happen. There will be no situation in our life where we have complete control over everything, and we have to accept this fact. Things will inevitably go wrong, but if we remain focused on what we want we will almost always be able to cope with unexpected mishaps. Trying to prevent 1000 small misfortunes will leave us drained of energy and unable to pursue a single goal. If we can accept that things will go wrong and maintain commitment to the things we want then we can master our fears instead of being owned by them. And only then can we achieve our innermost desires.