A lot of people out there have the potential to get addicted to Hydrocodone without even realizing the risks or the dangers involved. The fact is that most everyone will eventually get hurt, injured, or have some sort of condition which results in pain or chronic pain. It is not so much a question of if this will happen to any given individual, but simply when. We are all going to experience pain in our lives and that opens the door to a potential addiction to painkillers.

Now if you end up finding yourself hooked on these opiate based pain pills, the first thing you should do is to attempt to slowly stop using them. If you can do this and find an alternative way to manage your pain then there really is no problem. Of course you should also talk to your doctor about your options if you are comfortable doing so.

Some people will of course find themselves to be quite addicted at this point and the thought of going cold turkey or trying to ween themselves off of this medication will be unthinkable. They will have tried doing something similar and already experienced the nasty effects of withdrawal, so they will remain hooked. Some people will have a more pronounced withdrawal than others. It is at this point that a person should admit that they need some help and seek treatment of some kind for their hydrocodone addiction.

Treatment is not cheap these days so your first step is to get on the phone and start making some calls. Your goal at this stage is to get information and explore your options. Get out your phone book and call a local treatment center. If you do not know of one then look up the number for the local AA branch and call their help line and ask them to direct you to local treatment centers. This will definitely get the ball rolling for you and you can kindly inquire as to what steps you can take in order to secure funding for treatment. Some places accept Medicaid, some accept Medicare, and some just take private insurance or cash. Others might be set up to have another funding source and might be able to take in just about anyone under the right circumstances. Don't just assume that you have no options for treatment; get on the phone and be persistent and find a solution.

The reason you need to push hard to get into treatment is because they can help you through the physical withdrawal symptoms by giving you medication. Then they can get you detoxed and feeling good and completely drug free. Hopefully they can also teach you how to live a life without self medicating and relying on addictive drugs as well. This really is the best way to get off of Hydrocodone.