Have you ever been in a position where your morals and principles come into direct conflict with those of the organization you serve or belong. The expectation of the organization will be that you support whole-heartedly its interest and defend its principles. One however, gets into a dilemma when there is a call to action requiring that you take a position on the issue in question.


Many a time in our daily experiences we come face to face with situations as described above. Some may have negligible outcomes for any one to be bothered. But there are those that have far-reaching consequences that you must make clear- cut decisions and take a stand- point. Do you take the bold step of stating your position and damning the result even though it might be hurtful and you may loose something dear to you which others will gladly have or do you hold back from acting in order to remain in the good books of the concerned authorities.


History is replete with examples of those who have remained adamant and unshakable in defending that which they hold as true to their conscience. Jesus Christ not only taught and defended his message of truth, but he suffered and died on the Cross in order to put a stamp on the validity and truth of what he taught. In doing so, he changed hearts and minds including how his followers now see the world in a positive light.


Nelson Mandela alongside others fought to end Apartheid in South Africa. Many died in the struggle and Mandela was thrown in to jail for twenty-seven years of his life but he remained adamant in the struggle until change came to that country. Today, many realize that Apartheid policies can no longer work in a changing world.


Recently the news media were awash with revelations from Edward Snowden, the contract staff who exposed the USA surveillance programme to the world. Snowden would probably have felt that the whole idea of secretly obtaining information from the alleged sources by the USA violated his moral compass and decided to blow the lid.

Whether he was right or wrong in making the revelations is a matter for debate, but there are a growing number of people that think the US action is a gross violation of diplomatic and human rights of countries and people.

Snowden will however, have made some impact, should he succeed in making the United States to change its policies.


 In Egypt, its former leader, Mohammed Morsi just removed from office, had been asked by the opposition on one hand and the country’s military on the other to step down within twenty four hours, after failing to stop the spate of unrests in the nation. Morsi had said, it would take extreme measures to force him out of government. It was a way of voicing his objection to a forceful removal after a democratic election about a year ago. 


While expressly not for or against people expressing their opinion. There is need for caution to avoid skewed ideologies, which may not have sprung from the conscience.

Adolf Hitler was in no small measure convinced that his Nazi views and its imposition on the world was the ultimate. The havoc caused is still very fresh in the minds of many. Yet, it is easy to allude his actions to his conscience.


The conscience is the voice of the Spirit. The core of the human being is Spirit and coming from the Spiritual realm, it has the quality of seeking and concerning its self with the truth.

Therefore when ever we ascribe our inner stirrings to our conscience, it should be known that we are dealing with emanations of the Truth that can only bring peace and joy.

The task therefore, for anyone who exercises his conscience, is to ensure that their motivations are really from their conscience and not a product of the intellect that is subject to the shortcomings of space and time.