Consciousness and Life after Life


An Argument for the Loop of Existence

By: J. Marlando


There are many unsolved mysteries when it comes to existence itself—not just human existence but existence of everything from our tiny pin drop of a planet to the entire galaxy or as the American Native might say between the ant and the mountain.

Today we are moving further and further from the spiritual wherein there is no meaning or purpose, and the only projection for our kind is that we’ll eventually become one with some (superior) artificial intelligence becoming machine-like ourselves in a so-called advanced civilization. School children are already being taught the big bang “theory” as fact without even considering that some intelligent design is necessitated behind the event or that consciousness may permeate phenomenon.

According to the reductionists we are nothing more than the totality of our body parts and to think anything differently is merely to pamper our ego’s quest for survival. As a result, the existential view of being and nothingness keeps spreading across the globe like a deadly virus that attacks the human brain and narrows it into what we might call the “dead-world view.”

This article is simply to offer an alternative observation of life as everlasting and what we call death as transition rather than finale.

Life and Death as Dance

A great many scientists and scholars scoff at near-death-experiences. Their consensus is most basically that what people call the NDE is merely their physical brains playing tricks on them. I have met a dozen PhDs, including medical doctors, who absolutely deny the validity of experiencing life or consciousness outside the body. When I have been in conversation with these folks I always have a single question to invalidate their opinions. I simply ask them if they had ever had a near-death experience themselves. The answer is “no” and so it becomes obvious that they are being absolutely subjective in the gowns of objectivity. *I have had a NDE and so I am far more experienced than they are.

In regard to all this, science loves numbers so we will add these comments to our observations: There have been millions of reports of near death experiences, encounters with the spiritual and other phenomenon that simply cannot be explained in materialistic terms.  Instead it is like the world renowned cancer surgeon, Bernie Siegelmind tells us: “The more I see the workings of our universe, the more mystical I become. I’m not mystical in spite of being a surgeon. I’m mystical because I am a surgeon. I watch miracles daily.”   

A major reason why scientists and many learned people find it “impossible” to believe in life after life is because they cannot comprehend mind as being more than an epiphenomenon of the brain and therefore assume conscious awareness is a mere function of that phenomenon. Indeed, a great count of such skeptics, do not even accept consciousness as being more than an illusionary concept anyway. In fact, they fully agree with such grim reapers as Richard Dawkins who wrote, The Selfish Gene.” He said to us: “We are survival machines PIX robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known to us as genes.”

I think an important concept that so many of today’s scientists miss is based on their view that the soul, spirit (call it mind) comes into “being” because of the body. Instead, I offer, that it is the body that comes into existence for the soul or spirit and so it is mind (or consciousness) that activates the brain and not the other way around.

When we can grasp only this much we can begin comprehending life and death as being in a kind of loop as represented heremind(120119)  also often call the Dance of the Universe.

Mysticism, Magic & Myth

The moment we begin to grasp the world in the “I and Thou” and “Me and It” sense, we lose connectedness with the world. The problem is that ever since the dawning of so-called civilization we have been indoctrinated to conceive the world like this. In fact this is obviously why our human history is so war torn and so, why the simple task of loving our neighbors as ourselves has remained an unfulfilled (or empty) metaphor for a kind, cooperative and peaceful existence.

Almost no one around the entire planet fully grasps that we are ALL the same and that our differences are only apparent.

I will repeat this as it is so important to contemplate: Almost no one around the entire planet fully grasps that we are ALL the same and that our differences are only apparent.

What assists us in realizing the above as being accurate is first of all to recognize that all we human beings belong to the same collective consciousness. Indeed, the very same dream-symbolism and archetypes belong to all peoples crossing all cultural barriers. Indeed, all the myths of gods and goddesses, of fairies and leprechauns; of good and evil spirits and of dragons and saviors belong to all of us with the only differences being rooted in our own cultural and ethnic realities. In this way we are indeed in connectedness with everyone else.

It is as Gary Zukav tells us in his wonderful book, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters(highly recommended for anyone interested in the subjects of this article) that, for example, an electron is not an object in and of itself but rather exists because of its relationship with other electrons. Everything in the universe is in relationship with everything else and that includes “us.” And, like electrons we have a kind of particle/wave function that lives in a continuum of change that we ordinarily call life and death/death and life; being and non-being/non-being and being. It is, if you will, the dance of the Universe as mentioned earlier!

Because of this “dance” nothing that lives can die, it can only change.

The Divine


It is nearly impossible to speak of life everlasting without also speaking of the spiritual in terms of a God-ness belonging to all things. My personal reality is that “God” is the root and the blossom of all that is and not some judgmental king existing over there someplace. I mention this not to stir some religious argument or debate but because we describe “god” as being omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. The ancients referred to these qualities as the invisible forces in nature.

All holy and wise human beings, including Jesus, told us that if we wish to seek the divine and therefore find god to go inside ourselves. It is my belief that this is where the truth of everlasting life dwells and where we realize Oneness as the ultimate reality—after all, when we seek the meaning of life (and so death) outside ourselves we find ourselves confronting blank walls and dead-end streets but when we go inside there is no beginning or end, there is only the now and the now is infinite.


Most recently a close friend of mine died; I spoke with him the night before he crossed over. He was quite old and one of the last survivors of the Holocaust; a man who had seen more human suffering and death than the rest of us would want to imagine. Charles’ death inspired me to write this narrative as I felt the need or desire (I am not sure which) to reaffirm that every ending really is a new beginning.


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