Consequences and Life

Life's Consequences


  “Everything we do has consequences.”  Dennis Potter

  “Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.”

   –Alfred A. Montapert

Most of us understand that consequences are the results or outcome of our actions.  That being said if we live according to all the rules; we then should have consequences that are all good; right?  Well, if we lived in a dream world we might think so, but the answer is absolutely not.  There is reputable actions that we have that sometimes dictates the wrong outcome simply because we cannot master all things in the world around us; only certain elements.  If we could do the latter, then yes, all of our consequences would be favorable in general because not any of us want unpleasantness in our lives.

It is not intended for us to play God; nor think that we are infallible. Our mistakes and failures are the basis of what elevates our growth, and our growth in turn creates more wisdom. It helps us when deciding upon new endeavors and guides us toward making wiser decisions.  On the other hand yes, when we habitually live a careless life we can expect consequences that will deepen our struggles in life.  The choice to live our life with grave insight is up to us, and we do have control over how we live our life.  Another person cannot have the power over us to live differently than we wish; unless we give them that power.



"We have actions, we have consequences which are sometimes failures and mistakes.  They help us gain widsom and knowledge of how we should proceed."--this author

"If we were to try and calculate our life so that our consequences would all be favorable; we would wind up not doing anything."  --this author

"A lifetime of living without consequences would mean that we had not lived at all."  --this author



Just Ahead are the Consequences

Truth and Consequences

We learn early in life that telling the truth has good rewards and that being untruthful not only creates not being able to sit on our backside for a while (or at least used to; because parents do not spank anymore); but it can also cause other problems for ourselves and others.  Even when it seems that telling a lie is the proper thing to do and not snitch on a friend. We do not enjoy reaping the consequences of a friend who is angry with our actions or that at the cost of being classified as someone who is not loyal. Why do we forget that it is important that we are loyal to ourselves first?

Very often in live regardless of what we do; be it right or wrong we have will tread rough waters. This takes us back to the fact that even when we do what is right; there are consequences.  Never is it inappropriate to tell the truth as it is; regardless of the consequences, it is still truth.  There is an old saying goes like this; “the truth, will set you free.”  One might add to that; “but terror is waiting in the alley.”

Normally the untruth told will only create more untruth and misfortune for all involved.  Just like the husband who told his wife that he was meeting his best friend, when it turned out it was her best friend also.  Lies create deception, and deception creates guilt which in the end will eventually cause tumult. 


Quote:  “The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail leans something that will always be useful and which will never grow dim or doubtful.”  --Mark Twain


Consequences and Fate

Quote:  “Quite often good things have hurtful consequences.  There are instances of men who have been ruined by their money or killed by their courage.”

We are the by-product of our actions and our fate will be the consequences that we bear from those actions; be them good or bad.  Someone who is always doing something good for others, great or small; will at some point reap good benefits for their actions.  It has been proven time and again.  The rich man gives to the poor;  he become richer as time goes on. Because he is not selfish and gives to those who do not have the same advantages, his actions bring about added wealth.  He has mercy, and compassion with a giving spirit.

On the other hand, someone who is selfish and hoards great riches, sharing neither his love nor his time; will someday find himself alone with nothing but his wealth.  The results of his behavior is the aftermath of thinking his wealth will sustain him throughout life; he needs nothing or no one.  It is not until he is alone that he realizes that no amount of money can protect us from loneliness nor begat family and friends. His fate is the consequences that he willed himself because he was selfish and thought he was self-sufficient in his wealth alone.

The consequences of an alcoholic who drinks to their heart's content does so without the slightest thought of losing his self-control, and/or ability to not drink. He will eventually know that self-control matters in everything we do.  He just drinks until he wants no more…and then he drowns in self-pity because he is alone, and can’t stop drinking.

Quote:  “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from the little things; I am tempted to think there are no little things.”  --Bruce Barton

We cannot live life in a state of fear.  There are too many consequences that we have no control over that bombard our life.  We just must live the best we can, do what we know is the right thing and keep learning from our mistakes.  We keep striving to be sincere and know that we can even endure those consequences that we have no control over.