Seatbelt failure is the leading cause of catastrophic injuries resulting from an automobile accident.

It is a driving violation that has corresponding penalties in court. It is listed among DUI, over-speeding, , and running on red light violation. It is a negligent act that can literally suspend your license and drag you to jail.

Not wearing seatbelt is often committed by both young and adult motorists. Motorists often regard it as a chore. However, just like a chore it is indispensable and necessary-for your life and family.

Not wearing seatbelt can result to these injuries:

  1. Traumatic brain injury

  2. Spinal cord injury

  3. Bone fracture

  4. Arm and leg amputation

  5. Paralysis

  6. Bruises and lacerations

Among the listed injuries, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury are the most critical.

When blood clots in your brain and nerve endings begin to rupture, basic bodily functions can be affected and left you handicapped.

There are several types of accidents that often involve seatbelt failure. These are:

  1. Car accident

  2. Bus accident

  3. SUV rollover crash

  4. UTV/ATV collision

  5. Truck-trailer or semi-truck accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has implemented stricter policies on seatbelt use due to the increasing rate of accident. Without the use of seatbelt, injuries can aggravate and lead to death. There is a fifty percent chance of surviving a severe crash with the use of an effective seatbelt.

Seatbelt protects the upper body from smashing onto the windshield, and from being ejected from the vehicle. Without the seatbelt, a whiplash injury can occur because of a sudden forward and backward force on the neck.

However, some seatbelt does not function accordingly. It can be defective, worn out, or improperly used.

If you are injured in a vehicular accident and your injuries are aggravated due to a defective seatbelt, you can file a Product liability lawsuit.

Product liability allows you to assert the negligence of the manufacturing company

in producing an unreliable seatbelt that supposed to prevent injuries.

You will have to prove that the manufacturer has a liability in ensuring the quality and reliability of the seatbelt product. Present evidence that the manufacturer failed to exercise such duty, and it led to your injuries.

If you are successful in your case, you will be able to receive compensation for your medical expenses and losses.

Consult a product liability expert, personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you go through the process of litigation.