There is no finer improvement you can make to your home than to install a conservatory with a glass roof, but when you buy one, don't forget to budget for the cost of a nice set of conservatory roof blinds.

Although conservatories are designed to work as sun traps, on a hot sunny day the sun can really blaze through and heat a conservatory to intolerable levels, and make it brighter than is usually comfortable for the average person. Although sunlight is good, you don't necessarily want to need to wear sunglasses every time you move into the sunniest room in your house.

Conservatory roof blinds are also great for insulation during the winter. They are a very effective way of retaining a heat, which can be lost quickly through a glass roof on cold days. Therefore, installing conservatory roof blinds is not only great for the environment but will, over the long term, do wonders for the health of your bank balance, as you save lots of money on your heating bills.

Conservatory blinds for your roof are also a great way to add a finishing design touch to your conservatory, and come in a number of styles, which can be chosen to compliment the style of your conservatory as well as to compliment your own personal tastes.

Here is a quick description of some of the most popular and recommended kinds of conservatory roof blind.

Perhaps the most popular kind on the market today are conservatory roof roller blinds. Just one flat piece of material wound around a dowel, they sound very plain, but are actually the height of modern, minimalist design. Their simplicity is their biggest asset, as they can work in the most stark modern setting, and the most cluttered settings imaginable. Their simplicity also means that they are remarkably easy to make and one of the lowest cost conservatory roof blinds options available on today's market.

Pleated conservatory roof blinds are almost as popular a choice. They are also made of just one sheet of material, which is folded either once or several times into pleats. Again, this makes them easy to install and a good low cost option.

Both of these kinds of blind are great options for a DIY conservatory roof blinds project, as they are easy to make and therefore can be made by even people without great DIY skills. Because there is so little to them, they can also be made in quite a short time period - they make quite a good weekend project for many people.

Some people prefer not to install blinds inside their conservatory though. Instead, they'll install a conservatory awning above the glass roof of their conservatory. An awning is basically just a very big blind that covers the whole roof. They are most commonly seen above a lean to conservatory roof because they can then be easily affixed to the supporting wall of the house. Although they can get a bit more battered than indoor blinds, because they are outside in the weather all day, they are much more effective than indoor blinds at cooling conservatories, because they prevent the sun from heating the glass roof as much.

More recently, forward looking companies and conservatory owners have been doing away with conservatory roof blinds and awnings altogether. Instead they have been making adjustments to the conservatory roof itself, by installing reflective strips called conservatory solar inserts which can reflect a lot of the heat from the sun, and keep UV rays out at the same time. They aren't so good at insulating your conservatory in the winter, though, so do bear this in mind if you are considering inserts as a potential replacement for conservatory roof blinds, because although they may look high-tech, and may do a great job in the summer, they could also end up increasing your heating bill and cost you more in the long term.