In medieval days, candle chandeliers were used only by the upper classes, because candles were so expensive. Today, believe it or not, chandeliers which use candles are not only available, but affordable! Any chandelier helps to make a room look elegant and sophisticated, but real candles can be the epitome of glamor. Since they don't require electricity, they are a bit easier to install than an electric model.

Mostly, this type of chandelier seems to work best in dining rooms, where the soft glow of the chandelier lighting lends a warm ambience to a family meal or romantic dinner for two. Begin by taking stock of which room you plan to put the chandelier in. The size and shape of the room, the height of the ceiling, number of windows, and the color and style of furniture are all factors. Take a few photographs -- they might help you decide on a good selection. Check for fire hazards as well. It may be a good idea to get a rug made out of a fireproof or fire retardant material and put it directly underneath where the chandelier will be.

Look for chandeliers in local stores, especially antique stores, and try home improvement stores such as Lowes. If you can't find anything suitable, go online to, or -- there are many other sites as well. The classic chandelier holds a number of tapers or other long candles. Chandeliers that hold votives, round "cup" candles, and other types of candles are available today.

Be sure that the ceiling is in good repair. There may already be a place for a chandelier. If not, get a stud finder and go over the ceiling until you find the stud, then mark the place with a pencil or a bit of chalk. Using a power drill or a hand drill (a Yankee push drill is excellent if you can find one), drill a hole in the ceiling at that point and put in a strong ceiling hook. You will want the flames to be at least two feet away from the ceiling, so you may have to hang a length of chain from the ceiling hook to the top hook or hanger of the chandelier itself. At this point you can hang the candelabra and insert the candles. Be sure they are very secure in their holders. You will want some form of cup or holder inside each of the candle holders to catch wax drips. Never leave candles burning unattended. If you can't or don't want to do the installation yourself, get your local handyman to do it, or ask at the store where you bought the chandelier -- they may have names and even business cards of people who do this work professionally.

Consider a candle chandelier today! Properly hung and cared for, it will not only beautify the room and brighten your life, it will become an heirloom to be cherished for always.