Being a parent of young children and installing a new pool in your backyard or buying a home with an underground pool is something sure to please the whole family! But with a pool comes the responsibility of pool safety and deciding on what type of pool fence should be on top of your to do list.

Like most homeowners, you want to choose a fence that not only keeps children safe but is an attractive feature in your backyard. All fences, regardless of type, should be a minimum of four feet tall and have self-closing and self-latching devices so small children can’t access the pool on their own. The three types to be discussed in this article are mesh, wrought iron and glass. The first choice, a mesh gate, is a popular choice among families looking to have the gate for a few or more years until their children are old enough and can swim. It is also called “removable fencing” and is a tension-based fence system. Children cannot climb on it and it is semi-transparent and comes with a self-closing and latching gate—it is either open or closed nothing in between. It is attached to a solid surface on ground level.

The second type is the wrought iron fence and this can add an attractive element to your backyard. They come in different designs and are generally a permanent structure. They are durable but can rust through the years. When choosing this option, it’s important to make sure the vertical structures have less than a 4-inch gap so children can squeeze through them and get into the pool area. Also make sure that children are not able to climb up the fence.

The last choice and one that is becoming more popular is a glass pool fence. It is hitting more of the mainstream and is not only for the wealthy. It can be an affordable option and its combination of function and style can’t be beat! Homeowners don’t have to be limited to fencing materials that are a big visual barrier. Glass fences are made of sustainable materials and let the beauty of your pool and landscaping around it shine through. The look and feel of the backyard stays intact while keeping little ones away when there are no adults around. Glass pool fences don’t have to be taken down after a few years because they have no visual barrier and can actually increase the value of the home when it comes time to sell.

Don’t let any of your kids be one of the 300 plus children under the age of five who drown in their backyard pools each year. Protect your children while also making a stylish choice for your backyard. Especially for those who live in the Southwest where pools are in most backyards, look into custom Arizona pool fencing solutions from an established security door retailer.