All it takes is a little hardware added to your door and cabinets to easily add convenience and upgrade the feel of your home. You don't have to do much to give your home the feeling of a makeover. Door handles and pulls add a newly remodeled approach to your home without starting fresh with the foundation. The simple installation is easy to do yourself, yet it provides long lasting improvement to your home that's very satisfying. It only takes a few minutes if you follow these tips to installing door handles and pulls.

Do the Math
Count all the places you'll need pulls and handles. You'll need to decide if you want uniformity throughout the home, or prefer a number of different styles for variety. Write down the number for each type of pull or door handle you'll need.

Go Shopping
You can choose a variety of handles or pulls from department, home improvement, and hardware stores, though some will need to be specially ordered. Take a good look at the complete selection. Don't go with the first ones you come across. With the variety available on the market, finding the perfect style or a decorative door knob to match your décor isn't difficult. Each room can take its own stylish approach, depending on your decorative needs.

Mark the Spot
Decide exactly where you want your door handles or pulls to go. Blue painters tape or masking tape works well to mark the spot without permanent damage. Multiple screws will need to be measured between the length of the screws for the best position. Always use a level to make sure the holes are in line.

Drill Away
Drill a 3/16 in hole on the door, placing in the screw to verify the fit. Adjust the hole accordingly. Drill holes for every door. Tape can be removed and thrown away.

Insert Screws
Insert your first screw into the hole, twisting the knob by hand and finishing it off with a screwdriver to make sure it's tight. Check that each knob is secure. The rest of the pulls or door handles can be installed just as easily.

Add Washers if Necessary
When a handle or pull doesn't fit securely, washers can be added if necessary. If washers aren't enough, try using shorter screws. To get the right screws at the perfect diameter, take the pull or handle with you to the store.