Consider a Career as an Accountant

If you are considering a new career you should look at the field of accounting if you love numbers.Accounting studies how businesses and corporations track assets, expenses, liabilities, and revenue over time.Accountants do not just make assumptions - the make detailed computations to determine efficiency of the business.This may cover things like mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, information systems, quality management, and much more.

Areas of Concentration

The accounting field is one that is constantly growing and always in need of new employees because every business needs to have accountants.There are 5 areas of concentration:

  1. Management accounting:Someone that concentrates on the field of management accountingwill participate in the decisions that companies make about budgets and money allocation; they may also be involved in business analysis.
  2. Auditing:An auditor will check financial statements and the ledger for companies, corporations, or governments.
  3. Budget analysis:Accountants whose work focuses on budget analysis will be responsible for development and management of the organization’s financial plans.
  4. Financial accounting: If an accountant works in this field they will participate in important decisions regarding benefits, long term financial projections, and decisions about mergers and acquisitions.
  5. Tax accounting:Tax accountant help companies and individuals prepare tax strategies and also prepare the income tax statements for businesses and individuals.

Skills Needed by Accountants

Each area of concentration requires skills that are specific to the job that they do, although there will be some skills that are required of all concentrations.For example, each type of accounting job requires fairly good speaking skills as they will need to communication with other members of their business.However, management accountants need to have a much higher level of verbal communications skill than would a tax or financial accountant.

Accountants will also need to be good team workers, especially when they are getting started. Most accountants will start off in a junior position of a team.They will usually be part of a team that is responsible for preparing financial statements or auditing an account.Junior team members must be very careful to pull their weight and do their part to be valuable members of the team.

Where Do Accountants Work?

Accountants are employed in virtually every field of work possible all over the world.Both large and small businesses must file taxes each year so accountants are a necessary part of doing business.As an accountant you may wish to start your own business or you might work for a firm that specializes in accounting.You could also become part of a smaller team dedicated to doing only one businesses accounting or you could be the sole accountant at a single business.The more people there are in your business that are part of the accounting team the more focused your work is likely to be in one area.If you are the sole accountant or if there are only a few accountants in a business, you may have many duties.

Get a Good Resume and Cover Letter!

Those who are interested in the accounting field will need to complete their education and then utilize a good resume and cover letter.For those who are going through a career change, cover letter writing might be something that they have not done in a long time but there are many professionals that can lend their expertise.A career change cover letter can be written by a professional cover letter writer and once you see how to do it properly you will be more likely to be able to do it on your own.

A good cover letter and resume are necessary no matter what field you are entering into, whether it is account or health care informatics or pharmacology. Make sure your cover letter and resume are impeccable and you will be likely to get better results from your career search.