Surround Air 510


Very quit operation at 39 db - compared to 50 db for other units.

Integrated humidistat.

Low power consumption of only 360 watt usage at 30 degrees C.

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As mentioned in my article on the Prevention of Black Mold, one of the key elements to prevent the formation of toxic black mold is to keep your indoor relative humidity below 55%. First you should purchase a good hygrometer to test the humidity levels in your home. If it is determined that your home is in need of reduced humidity levels, consider the purchase of a quality dehumidifier. Some of the critical factors to consider in purchasing a dehumidifier are:

An included humidistat so the desired humidity level can be set. (note this typically is not as accurate as a self-contained humidistat or hygrometer).

Continuous drainage path to eliminate the need to empty a bucket.

Integrated water-level control for auto-shutoff.

Full tank light warning.

Washable pre-filter.

How much energy does the unit use during operation.

The Surround Air 510 Dehumidifier provides all the above features plus more such as an anti-frost detector, auto shut-off button and easy to move carrying handle

The Surround Air 510 costs only $199.00 as compared to $219 o $499 for other comparable units.
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In Closing

Considering this feature-rich, low cost unit, combined with quiet operation this unit is hard to beat. So this would be a very low-cost way to keep black mold or other fungi and bacteria from gaining a foothold in your house.