A bad fitting helmet may not only be dangerous, but uncomfortable as well. Make sure that your helmet fits well but is not overly tight. If you want a new helmet but you don't want a full face helmet consider purchasing a low profile, or retro motorcycle helmet. These half shell helmets are great alternatives as they are a happy medium between going without a helmet and the discomfort of a full helmet.

You should also consider buying a new set of goggles. Your old motorcycle goggles may be scratched and nicked from general wear and tear (debris will sometimes hit the front lenses longer while riding). If you do any riding at night, you may also want to consider purchasing a clear lens goggle for nighttime riding. Your daytime lenses should not be worn at night as you will not be able to see very clearly.

What you're purchasing a new motorcycle helmet; make sure you purchase a helmet which is comfortable with high visibility. Old-school motorcycle helmets can be found in many different colors. Avoid purchasing a home in black, if it all possible. There many different choices out there from hot pink to lime green. You could also consider purchasing a helmet which has fancy graphics such as flames or vintage World War I logos.

Your goal here is to stick out not only to make a fashion statement, but to also make sure the other motorist can see you. Having a very bright helmet can help safely identify you on the road. This is very important when you are riding to make sure that other drivers can see you. A good potential style may be a retro motorcycle helmet with orange flames.

Car drivers generally do not check blind spots for bikes. Having an extra bright old school helmet can increase your chances of being spotted and potentially even save your life.

If you wish to buy a helmet you can look online or you can go to your local store. Your best option is go to your local store so that you can make sure to try it on and it fits well on your head. If you're lucky enough to have a friend who rides motorcycles you may want to try on their helmet and see if you can find a cheaper version online. Purchasing a new home for this riding season is an excellent way to start the summer riding season. If you dislike full face helmets, you will definitely enjoy the open air feeling with a retro motorcycle helmet.