Flavia Coffee MakerYou should consider the Flavia coffee maker if you are searching for a high quality coffee machine. There are various models to choose from. One of their best single cup coffee brewers is called the Flavia Fusion. You can use this device to prepare around 30 cold or hot drinks one cup at a time. This Flavia coffee machine will also help you save some space. There is no need to use a different espresso machine or a teapot.

Features included in this Flavia coffee maker

This Flavia coffee maker is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is touch a button. You can prepare coffee, cappuccino and many other drinks. Another benefit is that you will not have to clean the Flavia coffee machine every time you prepare a new drink. This device can accommodate several sizes of cups, and you will also have the possibility to use the frothy drink option. Also an empty Flavia Fusion machine only weights 8 lbs.

This Flavia coffee machine will not require a lot of energy. You will need a power supply of 120W. The power consumption is of 1400W for boiling and 1.6W for standby. You will find this to help you save money.

How to use this Flavia coffee maker

This Flavia coffee machine allows you to prepare up to 30 types of drinks which is perfect, especially if you have a big family or work in a small office. It takes only a few minutes to prepare the hot or cold drinks. For example you can prepare in just a few minutes some frothy, hot chocolate drinks, tea or even just your normal cup of coffee, making it one of the best 1 cup coffee maker.

The average brew time is around 35 seconds. You should also wait 90 seconds before you prepare a new drink for the first time. The Flavia coffee maker comes with an activated charcoal water filter. This filter will ensure purified and healthy water. The water tank is also very easy to remove, however you will be able to prepare a lot of drinks without adding more water. The filter has a water capacity of 0.4 gallons which is perfect for any family size. The drip tray is also easy to remove.Flavia Coffee Machine

Keep in mind that you should use this Flavia coffee maker in your household. This Flavia coffee machine can be used by at least 4 people. It is also perfect for a small office, but if you are looking for something larger, you may want to check out the Flavia machine called the Flavia Creation.

When purchasing a Flavia coffee maker you will receive a user manual. Make sure you read it carefully. The user manual contains tips for using and maintaining the coffee machine. It also has a few good recipes!