Eyewear has evolved significantly with much consideration given to the realities of life. Polarized prescription sunglasses are growing in popularity due to the advantages offered over conventional types. They are especially useful to people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Polarized prescription sunglasses reduce glare caused by sunlight bouncing off objects, water or snow. Many drivers simply cannot do without them. They are also popular with people who enjoy taking part in sports and recreational activities like fishing. Even the higher cost is not enough to deter most people from buying them.

How Polarization Works

Interestingly, it is the properties of light that makes this type of eyewear so effective at protecting its wearer from any glare produced by light. When light bounces off a surface, it travels in waves generally in a horizontal direction. The lens has special vertically positioned filters, which blocks any light travelling in a horizontal direction.

The Benefits of Polarized Lenses

The first thing to keep in mind is that whatever you do outdoors, wearing prescription sunglasses will help you to do it better. They do more than just help you to see better when the glare is high, they also protect the health of your eyes. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can be harmful over time, with the development of cataracts being one consequence.

Since they are for outdoor use, they come with varying levels of ultraviolet (UV) protection.  In general, it makes sense to get those with 100 percent UV blocking for maximum protection. The lenses act as a shield, which protects the retina from too much exposure.

Another health benefit is that they keep grit from flying into the eyes, which is common in certain conditions. Fishermen like them, not just for the reduction of glare but also as protecting the eyes from errant hooks. Anyone who works or plays outdoors in the sun for extended time can benefit greatly from wearing these special eyewear.

The Selection Process

When dealing with eyewear, how well it fits the shape of your face is probably one of the first things you think about. How comfortable they actually feel on the face and the bridge of the nose is also a consideration. Since polarized prescription sunglasses are generally worn for long periods and it is not convenient to be constantly removing them.

The choice is not always simple since there are additional specs to choose from such as infrared protection, and blocking of light reflections. Some outdoor types will have their optician prescribe eyewear for them, with progressive lenses being a popular choice.

Progressive lenses come in different colors, and the choice will not always rest on your personal preference. Some colors, such as copper and brown colored lenses are the best choice for those who enjoy activities on the water. This color is also popular with fishermen because they are ideal for the different light conditions they work in. These colors are especially effective at handling the bright light reflecting off water.

Yellow lenses are effective for periods when the light quality is poor, as they do not work as well at handling bright glare. Gray lenses on the other hand work well in all types of light conditions. To find which color is best suited for your needs talk to the sales person or do the necessary research beforehand.

Snow Fun and Eye Protection

The same approach is used when it comes ski goggles since the glare from snow can be blinding. There is a wide variety of polarized goggles available for skiers and others who love playing in the snow. They not only cut glare, they also protect the eyes from the elements.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses and enjoy skiing this is an essential item for your winter activities. With the availability of prescription ski goggles, there is no need to avoid doing something you love. They come in a number of different styles and types, making it easy to find one that suits your style perfectly.

The most important point to consider with both prescription ski goggles and polarized prescription sunglasses is that you have a clear field of vision. Your safety will depend on it if you are moving at high speeds or over unfamiliar terrain. Both of these eyewear options are available online. For those who love shopping over the Internet.