So you want to be a History Major?

Planning on majoring in history, you say? Great choice.  When studying history in university in college, you aren’t simply memorizing names and dates like you did in high school.  During your post-secondary studies in history, you will be learning about the intricacies of many periods, analyzing all types of sources, putting together evidence and coming up with logical, sound arguments. 

One thing well-known about the work load of the history major is the amount that they must read.  I remember saying that I had read more books in my first year of university than grade one to twelve combined.  Yes, it is a ton of reading and a lot of information you must absorb and comprehend if you wish to become a history major.  However, once you become immersed in your work and develop as a student, combined with the fact that you are reading engaging, interesting material, the reading becomes easy.  Don’t let people scare you by saying majoring in history is too much reading, because if you manage your time well, it really isn’t that bad at all.

Essay writing as a history major is a blast.  Often times you get to choose your own topic, learning to find your own scholarly articles to back up your arguments.  You will develop tremendous research and analytical abilities as you work towards majoring in history.  In essence, you are doing work similar to lawyers: gathering evidence and putting that evidence together to make an argument.

What kind of careers could you look forward to with a major in history?  There are many positions that look for the skills that you acquire as a history major.  Teaching is one of the major careers that history majors like to explore, from the secondary level all the way to the PhD.  Law is another solid career choice for a history major, and majors in history have one of the highest LSAT scores out of all the majors.  Historians have also branches out into all kinds of other ventures, such as acting, business management, and marketing.  With your acquisition of top of the line reading and analytical skills, the job market welcomes someone with a major in history.

Choose a period you love to study and focus on that!  Being a history major is great because you get to read about a period you love, and know that you have many career opportunities down the road.