For many people involved in the remodeling of an older house, or purchase and design of a new home, adding a stainless steel kitchen sink may be a great option. Today's stainless sinks offer several advantages including being very tough and able to endure very rough treatment. Most stainless steel sinks cost very little when compared to other sink choices, and often match with almost any color design or furniture style you may have already selected. However, before making your final choice you should go through the pros and cons of a stainless steel sink.

Stainless Steel Sink Advantages

The biggest advantage of the basic stainless steel sink is how they go with almost every kind of kitchen décor. When the proper style is used they can literally blend in with almost every color, and fixture style. The next time you visit another home or interior design center you will probably find a stainless kitchen sink with black appliances, white appliances and everything in between.

Stainless steel sinks are also very affordably priced and come in all kinds of designs. Extra features such as spray nozzles and hot water spouts can increase costs, but even with those the average sink made from stainless is still affordable. A recent trip to the local big box home store saw the price of a stainless sink range anywhere from under fifty-dollars to several hundred. And while the focus of this article is somewhat tuned on the kitchen, there are also plenty of other locations in the home to use a stainless steel sink.

Finally in the column of good reasons to purchase a steel sink is the overall durability these products inherently hold. You can clean just about anything in stainless sink without having to worry about damaging it. Almost all professional kitchens in restaurants and hotels use stainless sinks because they just don't have to worry about any damage being done. This is also another reason why you may see stainless steel sinks in laundry rooms and even outside cleaning areas.

Stainless Steel Sink Disadvantages

One of the most common complaints about a stainless sink is the total lack of color variety available. Because they are made of metal, the only real color available is a shade of grey. Yes, you can have them made shiny or duller, but in reality stainless sinks just have that standard grey look. You can still match them with almost every color, but if you are looking for a specific color in your sink, a stainless set may not be the way to go.

We talked about how tough the stainless steel sinks are, and while they really can't de damaged too much, the will scratch. Especially if you happen to have a stainless sink that has had some metal polish and shine added to it, metal utensils can easily leave scratch marks just like they would on a car.

The final disadvantage of a stainless steel sink may be of concern to you if you're the owner of sensitive ears. Doing dishes in a stainless sink can actually be quite noisy and annoying if someone else nearby is trying to watch TV, read or study. Some sink makers have found extra pads or coatings can lessen the noise level on a stainless steel sink, but they are still much louder than other sinks.

Now that you have taken the time to consider and learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of stainless sinks, you are better prepared to make a buying decision. Whether you purchase one of these popular sink styles or go with plastics or even a stone material, make sure it fits your home and comforts. Since the kitchen is where you spend much of your time, you should make sure you are going to enjoy the fixtures in it.