Walking on the outstanding streets of Seaton Village, you will probably marvel at the fanciful Victorian semi-detached homes built in the 1890s and early 1900s. A magnificent umbrella of commanding silver maple trees line the streets, creating a barrier between the homes and the modern world. It is as a result not not surprising that the village attracts a multifarious selection of people from young families to students. 

Seaton Village

If you are thinking about a visit then make sure you take a walk down Clinton Street, you will be in for a nice surprise when you see one particular home. Carreira, the owner of this outstanding property has created a masterpiece; with toy figurines, small plastic animals and lacquered wooden discs it is definitely a place not to be missed. The man behind the property is Portugese who worked in construction until 1993, when a terrible accident changed his future and left him with a broken neck and spine. Recuperating from surgery, he realized was unable to work again, so he started making functional things for his house and wonderful decorations.

With a plethora of recreational programs, youngsters are more than welcome at the Vermont Square Park which is the main point of Seaton Village. Toronto's busiest park, Christie Pits Park, has a wealth of activities to entertain for all the family whether that is having a lazy picnic or playing sports. Activities in the park include an artificial ice rink for those with a bit of adventure, a children's playground where children can tire themselves out while you have a relaxing sit down and an outdoor pool. But that is not all the park can offer, this park draws the baseball fans with its fantastic baseball diamonds.

Take a break from relaxing or watching sports and have a stroll down to Bloor Street, a dynamic shopping area boasting Korean restaurants, shops and karaoke bars. The students from the University of Toronto are also drawn here as it has loads of trendy cafes and nightclubs.

If you're looking for a quieter and more residential atmosphere than Bloor Street, then you should go to the Bathurst Street shopping area, where you will find small cafes, professional offices and stores that are geared towards local home-owners.

For those that depend on public transport, then Seaton Village is the place you need to be a resident of. Quite access to the subway stations, a good reliable bus service and access to the streetcar service makes Seaton village something extraordinary. Though if you have a car then Seaton Village has one negative selling point and it is its lack of private parking, with most occupants struggling for somewhere to park up. But saying that, most Torontonians will have come across this difficulty and it is quite usual for most downtown areas.