5 Things You Need to Know About Water Ionizers & Alkaline Water

With all of the talk these days about maintaining a proper "PH Balance" and making our bodies more "alkaline", it's no wonder an entire industry has emerged to meet the need. What industry am I talking about? The water ionizer, and alkaline water industry!

Alkaline WaterThese devices do in fact do a great job of making your drinking wate more alkaline while ionizing it at the same time. The problem though is finding open and honest water ionizer reviews online. So during your research, we hope you will consider these 5 simple tips that will help you make a more informed decision about alkaline water, and water ionizers.

1) Kangen Water is NOT the only alkaline water. 

What exactly do we mean by this... well, the company "Enagic" is one of the many manufacturers of water ionizers. What they have done is gone out and gotten a patent on the term "Kangen Water" and they use it heavily in their marketing. "Kangen Water" is of course just normal alkaline water, much like the water that comes from any water ionizer. So our tip here is to not be fooled by the fancy brand name. Like anything else, it probably just means a higher price tag!

2) You don't even need a water ionizer in order to get alkaline water!

Whaaat..... wait a minute, you say. Nope, that's right. The fact of the matter is, an expensive water ionization machine is not even needed in order to make alkaline, ionized water. In fact there are nifty little alkaline water "pods" sold on sites like Amazon for just a few dollars! Do your research here before you drop a ton on a fancy machine!

3) Several of the well known water ionizer brands are sold thru MLM!

This is one of the big secrets that these companies do not want you to know. The fact is, several of these big brand water ionizer companies sell their products exclusvely thru multi level marketing! In fact, there are hundreds of sites full of false information online from these multi level marketing gurus who will do and say anything to make a sale. Don't believe everything you read, and do your research first!

4) Don't believe the so-called "Water Ionizer Review" Sites!

In this day and age, you would think we could put trust in online reviews and consumer reports but that's just not the case anymore. Many of these sites are put together by affiliate marketers and they are designed for one thing and one thing only -- to generate sales! So much like the MLM warning above, this is another thing to keep in mind. When someone has a vested interest in selling one product over another, you better believe their so-called "water ionizer reviews" will be coming from a skewed perspective.

5) Seek out a good Water Ionizer Discussion Forum!

A good quality discussion forum with real, live people is something that is often overlooked when a person is researching a product or information. Where better to get information, than from people who have actually USED a product though? Seems so simple, I know, but you would be surprised how many people forget this simple step! To find a forum on any subject, just type "SUBJECT - DISCUSSION FORUM" into google and see what pops up!

We hope you find this information useful, and that you will actually use it before running out and buying a water ionizer! They truly are great devices and the alkaline water they produce does have many health benefits. The industry is just a little tricky to understand so you'll need to do plenty of research in advance!

Here's to your health!