Writing consistently is the key to success in web content sites such as InfoBarrel. Some people can crank out 5-10 articles day and others may only be able to write and publish 1 new article per day.

Regardless of how many articles you publish, consistency is the key. If you calculate that you will need about 1,000 articles to meet you financial goals then you have set a goal. In order to reach your goal you need to write consistently. If you only write one article per day on average, then you will reach your goal in less than 3 years.

3 years may seem like a long time, but it really is not. If you do not write an average of 1 article per day for the next three years then you will lose out on a lot of residual income earnings. Look, 3 years will be here in 3 years whether you write one article per day or not. If you only write 50 article sin the next three years then you will have a lot of regret. You may think "what if ". The time to start writing towards your goals is now.

Regardless of how many articles you currently have, start writing and publishing articles each month.

If you do no want to wait three years to reach your goals of over 1,000 articles published then start writing more. If you can write an average of 3 articles per day then at the end of the first year you will have OVER 1,000 articles published on InfoBarrel. With 1,000 articles published don InfoBarrel you could be pulling in some nice residual income each month.

Make writing for InfoBarrel a habit. Each day you shower and brush your teeth. You do not think about showering and brushing your teeth, you just do it. It is simply part of your day. Make InfoBarrel part of your day. Make InfoBarrel a habit like showering is.

Once you get into the habit of writing consistently for InfoBarrel then you will see your earnings increase each month.

Make writing goals. Make long term as well as short term writing goals. My long term goal is to have 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of this year. My short term goals vary. A short term goal could be simply too write 2 articles in one day, 15 articles in a week, or 40 articles in a month. All of the short term goals will lead to my long term goal achievement of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel.

In order to write more articles I need to make writing for InfoBarrel a habit.

The Zone

When you are in a "Zone" and your are able to, type out a lot of articles quickly and you are not experiencing any writers block, you need to capitalize on it. If you are in a zone, do not quit writing to watch TV or some other meaningless activity. If you are in a zone milk it for all it is worth. Write until your eyes are blurry and your wrists are cramped.

The Zone Peaks will allow you to reach you writing goals sooner. If you write consistently and make writing a habit then you will be able to reach your InfoBarrel goals.