[2652]Have you noticed all the conspiracy hype lately?  There are so many ideas it will make your head spin!  But it does make for some very interesting reading!

Conspiracy theories date back many years.  There is just about a theory for everything that's ever happened or suspected to happen.  Some popular theories include JFK's assassination, 9/11, fluoride dangers, government cover ups, aliens and UFO's, Bigfoot, etc.  It has even gained popularity on television in various shows and documentaries.  Numerous books have been written and movies filmed on these theories.

The downfall to most conspiracies is that they lack enough evidence to gain the support of the majority.  But to others a simple what if is enough proof to make them a believer.  People who believe in conspiracies tend to be labeled by mainstream media as "delusional" or "crazy and paranoid".  But as our economy dangles back and forth, and our government barely resembles little more than a circus act, more and more people are turning to popular theories for answer.  Answers on the past, current issues, and what the future may hold.

According to political scientist Michael Barkun, there are 3 things that attract people to conspiracy theories.  First, it explains what otherwise does not make sense.  Second, it separates between good and evil.  Thirdly, it is presented as top-secret information and the general population is described as "brainwashed masses".  The layout of some conspiracy theories have been well thought out and do make perfect sense out of situations that otherwise people may not have much information on. I find the second reason interesting.  People have always been drawn to anything pertaining to good and evil.  Even the basis of Christianity comes down to darkness and light, God and satan.  In most Disney movies, the stories are good versus bad.  This is the foundation of almost everything in our lives.  It also gives people a sense of having an edge over everyone else, the feeling that they are in the 'know' with privy information.

So are conspiracy theories fact or fiction?  That's something you will have to decide.