If you suffer from constant fatigue, then you are probably very frustrated.

Fatigue is a soul sapping problem, that just doesn't go away with a nap. It is a feeling of beyond tired. Your brain feels like it is stuffed with cotton, and every step seems like an effort. Many people don't understand it, if they have never been bothered by it, and will tell you to "just take a nap" like there is some sort of easy solution to this.

If you suffer from constant fatigue, then the first thing you have to do, is get to your doctor. Whether it is a mild irritating form, or a severe form, you need to get a checkup and your blood tested. There are lots of ailments that can trigger fatigue, especially if it came out of no where. If you have not changed much in your routines and you are having trouble, then get blood work done and find out what is up.

If your doctor tells you that you are considered healthy as a horse, even though you feel the opposite, then there are some things you can do to get some of that drive back.

1. Exercise. I don't mean the climb up ten flights of stairs exercise, or run a half marathon, but a gentle exercise such as walking and stretching. Even though the last thing you feel like doing is exercising when you feel so tired, it actually does help keep everything moving. So before you flop on that couch and sigh, put on your sneakers and slowly walk around the block, or down the street. Take deep breathes and really take a look around you, you will feel better for it.

2. Get rid of the sugar. Sugar can cause a huge roller coaster of ups and downs during the day. If you have started to rely on sugar, such as chocolate bars, to get through that 3 pm slump, then get rid of that. You may feel temporarily energized, but it won't last long, and then you will be back to low energy, and this can trigger constant fatigue for the rest of the day. A snack at 3 pm or so, is good, but it should include a protein. Such as an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter, or almonds, or a light piece of cheese and some whole wheat crackers. These snacks will not mess with your blood sugar the same way, and steer you clear of those slumps.

3. Water. Make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water a day. Don't drink it all in the morning or in a short period of time, but keep a glass at your desk and make sure you get through it over the course of an hour. This keeps you hydrated. Fatigue can come on when we are getting dehydrated, even before we feel thirsty.

4. Healthy Eating. We all know we are suppose to eat right, with good proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains, but many of us don't, and it is easy enough to slip into a "grab and go" schedule, of quick fast foods, and a bad eating schedule. Try to eat dinner by 6 pm, and then go for a walk. Reflect on your day, get into a habit of winding down in the evening. Do not be eating a big meal late at night, then try and go to bed. You will not get the restorative sleep you need, and this of course, adds to the fatigue.

5. Sleep. Get lots of sleep. For many people with constant fatigue, this part is like torture. You are very tired but don't really fall asleep or you wake often. By getting a gentle walk and fresh air after dinner, such as walking the dog, and then keeping TV to light and funny, and staying away from the 11 pm news, and then having a warm bath filled with lavender bubble bath, you may find yourself falling asleep quicker and earlier.

Try a light snack, such as a bowl of cereal (no sugar!) or a piece of toast. Sometimes a carb will help you fall asleep, but not very big or it will do the opposite.

If you push yourself past a decent bedtime then you will feel an anxious fatigue, which will stop you from sleeping. Aim to try and get 7 - 8 hours of sleep. Aromatherapy, using oils like lavender, and others really do help calm the body down for a good sleep.

You sometimes just need to form some new habits in the evening, and don't get frustrated if it doesn't happen right away, but by getting yourself into a calm mood, with a walk after dinner to get rid of stresses from the day, and then some light entertainment if you watch TV, or work on your favorite hobby, then a nice warm lavender bath, and you will be counting sheep before you know it.

Sleep is just one factor in the fight against constant fatigue. Each person is different, but if you can try the above ideas, you should notice a difference. If you have not changed your schedule, then take a look at other changes that are going on inside of you, that can be a contributing factor:

Have you gained weight? - Extra weight can trigger fatigue

Are you of Menopause age? - Menopause can trigger fatigue

Are you lacking in exercise, and on the run all day at work? - Then fatigue is a warning sign.

Your body is letting you know that something is not happy. If the blood tests come back fine, then it is most likely something in your lifestyle. You need to take inventory of yourself, and see just what has changed, say from last year? Besides being a year older, do you need to get rid of some weight? If you do, you need to look closer at your diet and your exercise, and schedule them in for yourself. Once you get moving, and feel a bit better, then you will feel like moving more. Just start with baby steps.

While you are creating a better lifestyle for yourself, you need to schedule time for yourself. If you know that your hardest part of the day right now, is between 2 and 4 pm, then why schedule heavy duty things in there? Schedule your day so that the morning is for important tasks, and either allow some downtime during those hours, or try and schedule less tasking things for that time. Maybe do your filing then for example.

By changing bad habits, such as sugar, and getting into a calming ritual at night, and walking around a bit more, you should notice the constant fatigue fading. A few tweaks to your day, and your body may reward you with more energy. Don't keep drinking coffee and eating chocolate to get through it. If you don't address the problem now, your body will just crash.. you will get sick, and then you will have to deal with it!