The list of constipation home remedies seems to grow endlessly but in order for these remedies to work properly, small adjustments to our regular lifestyle are to be made if you intend to feel regular and free for a long time to come. Constipation can be described as an infrequent movement of the bowl or incomplete evacuation of the bowel. It should however not be taken lightly as it could lead to serious problems in the near future and bigger problems if it's given time. Therefore it is important to follow the correct diet, containing the right amount of fiber in order to prevent this from happening again. Fiber is not the only component but is accompanied by fluids which are necessary for dilution in the stomach as well as rinsing of the system by constantly removing toxins while urinating.

Finding constipation home remedies is also directly connected to identifying the cause as there are also a number of reasons why we have problems with the bowl movement. The first of which is a diet that does not contain the necessary amount of fiber for our daily needs. Another simple reason is the fact that we don't take enough fluids which normally affects the stool by hardening the feces which leads to constipation. Not chewing our food enough can also be a cause as our stomach can only dilute it to a certain point at which heart burn or acidity will be noticed. This can also be caused by eating foods that are too refined such as bread or wheat containing foods. It is however a very commonly found condition and can be dealt with swiftly and without any side effects. There are numerous symptoms that are all clearly noticeable and treatable, the curing of the symptom is not going to cure the problem but make it worse as they are supposed to neutralize the acids in the stomach. These acids are what we rely on to digest our foods and if they were to be neutralized, the movement of the bowl is disturbed which leads to you feeling a little under the weather.

Some of the most frequently used constipation home remedies are products that contain ingredients that have been isolated by doctors and scientists and are available in products that are already in use inside your house. One such remedy includes mixing 1/2 cup of olive oil (used for cooking) with 1/2 cup of water. Drink the mixture two to three times a day until the problem is resolved. This should however not take long as the olive oil is rumored to help clear the digestive system. Eating a guava on an empty stomach will also help as the guava has certain cleaning properties of its own and if too many where to be ingested, could lead to diarrhea. Walking 4-5 km's after eating at night helps to digest food faster and leads to the eventual clearing of constipation. The most important and unfortunately most ignored fact is that we need to take 6-8 glasses or 2L of fluid a day for our digestive system to work properly and to ensure that toxins are removed from the body.

Finding chronic constipation home remedies will not be as easy as the problem has been left to persist and had become worse. The one remedy that is said to work is to clean your body yourself. Start by detoxing through only drinking rooibos tea and only eating green vegetables or fruit for a few days. This should be accompanied by taking small amounts of laxative in such a way that it doesn't cause stools constantly but helps it along. After detoxing for about a week, start taking a very high fiber diet and follow with drinking a lot of fluids. Try to keep the fluids as natural as possible as some juices or drinks are not pure and contain more acids which can worsen the situation. This needs to be followed by a consistent daily diet which allows for fiber intake to the extent that you can tell when you need to go.

Getting the constipation home remedies to work is directly related to the steps taken to cure the symptoms as some of these are regular day to day problems. In order to overcome this condition, one needs to return your body to a healthy state as the symptoms can lead to problems of their own. Some of the symptoms to look out for are a coated tongue which is clearly visible as the coating is normally of a creamy orange or yellowish color. This symptom also leads to the second symptom which is foul breath. This can be embarrassing and the only suggestion is to simply brush the tongue more often. Other symptoms can also include a loss of appetite which can lead to other problems and illnesses due to a shortage of necessary vitamins and minerals that are crucial to making the body stronger against infection, leaving you vulnerable to more common illnesses such as flu and its derivatives. Headache, dizziness, nausea, acidity and heartburn are some of the body's natural ways of telling you something is wrong and shouldn't be ignored under any circumstances as constipation can lead to chronic constipation.

It is important to find constipation home remedies that works as the toxins that are supposed to be removed from the body can't get out and returns to the blood flow. These toxins are in fact very dangerous and will affect the rest of the body almost immediately. This can lead to a series of conditions such as appendicitis, rheumatism, arthritis, high blood pressure and cataracts. It can also have a more devastating effect on the body internally as it has been recognized to be one of the causes of colon cancer and can spread the cancer through the body faster due to the immovable toxins that are infecting the system.

You can always try constipation home remedies first before going to see a doctor but if your symptoms do not disappear within a few days make sure you have a health check to ensure there is nothing more serious going on.