Table arrangements can turn out to be a revelation, conversation topic or a party pooper. Which outcome are you trying to get? Whether you are preparing for a wedding, a baby shower or just a summer shindig with your favorite friends, keep reading for one-of-a-kind ways to construct a do-it-yourself table arrangement that will have them saying "Oh wow!"

*Cakes of Diapers
Diaper cakes are some of the many popular baby shower centerpieces. They look like cakes, but they are constructed wholly of diapers and other useful baby presents, such as onesies, changing blankets, cuddly toys, and more. If you merely take some diapers and roll them up, then wrap them up with decorative string, you'll have created the easiest diaper cake. You can make multiple tier diaper cakes, by stacking the levels on top of each other. Another method to keep the diapers together is by using glue, but using tape is usually a better idea. This makes it easier for a pregnant woman to separate the diapers for their intended use.

*Seasonal Centerpieces
Each season has its own bounty. Use what's available from nature to decorate your tables with seasonal contributions. Circular vessels heaped with citrus slices are a cheerful means to add cheerful hues to a summer nuptial. Sliced and displayed around a glass bowl, they make a fragrant centerpiece. Citrus fruits also offer a bright accent when shown in one piece in a see-through vase. In fall, liven up your centerpieces with translucent bowls loaded with apples and colorful leaves. And in winter, include pine cones. You may prepare a basic spring centerpiece, ideal for a baby shower, by hiding colorful eggs through wheat grass.

*One-of-a-Kind Centerpieces
Of course anybody can decorate with flowers, but why not do something that'll really get the conversation going. One idea is to offer fish bowls with a goldfish or beta fish as centerpieces. They are basic, cheap and oh so beautiful!

*Centerpieces You Can Eat
For the candy lovers out there, this one will satisfy your craving. Buy a color foam chunk (the ones made for florists) and stick lollipops in it. Allow yourself to play! Get imaginative and colorful. It's a ball and affordable. Another thought is a cake sporting baby themed ornamentations. Merely purchase or bake a cake of your favorite taste and embellish the cream covering with ducky or teddy bear patterns. One more common idea for a centerpiece that is appropriate for just about any party is a chocolate fountain in which the revelers can dip strawberries, pretzels, and other indulgences.

*Fun for Guests
Let guests be involved. Encourage your guests to indulge themselves with throw away cameras as your centerpiece. If the venue for your celebration is out of doors, you might consider bubbles a fun option. A picture book for guests to sign and show each other or a photo album filled with pictures of the guest(s) of honor is a guaranteed way to keep your party goers amused for hours. Who doesn't enjoy glancing at gorgeous photos?

To save money and re-discover your inner child, build your own centerpieces. It's not just frugal and simple; it's also fun and rewarding.