Construction is the process of creating a building or structure. This is a process that has many stages that must be completed before a structure is usable by people.

The Idea

The first stage of construction is in the head. You cannot construct what has not yet been imagined. You certainly cannot live or work in an idea but you also cannot live and work without an idea. What shall we build? What will it be used for? Who will use it? These are all questions that need to be addressed before much can be done with a project.

The Design

Once the idea has been fleshed out a little bit more practical matters must be attended to. Where will the windows go? Is there enough parking? Will the roof fall in? These questions are answered by engineers and architects. How sophisticated the design process is depends on how elaborate the structure will be. A garage is a simple design but a large skyscraper takes a lot more consideration.

The design must take into consideration all laws regarding zoning and safety. Different countries and different areas within countries have local zoning and safety laws that must be followed. The building must comply with electrical, structural, plumbing, and safety regulations before it can be built.

The Beginning

The beginning of the beginning would be to have someplace to put your structure. You cannot build anything without having a piece of property to put it on. Purchasing the property is followed by clearing the land. Removing whatever might impede the construction process and creating the proper amount of flat land or sloping land for the project.

The Foundation

The foundation of a structure is mostly underground. The land will need to be excavated to the proper depth to support the weight of the building that is being placed there. The larger the building the stronger the foundation will need to be. Most foundations are made of reinforced concrete. This is a strong material that actually gets stronger when it is under pressure. Once the foundation has been laid we begin the actual construction.

The Construction

I'm assuming the building shall have walls, floors, and a roof. The construction is as unique as the building is itself. Glass, wood, and steel are all popular materials to build with.

The End

It is built. It is good. I really hope it does not fall down.