Once the counting sticks or throwing coins, one must draw the hexagram will be the starting point for your analysis.

After handling your chopsticks or cast your coins, you are in possession of six figures. It is now time to give meaning to each, and give birth before your eyes the hexagram gives "color" of your drawing. It will not matter even analysis in this chapter, but simply technical.

The different patterns of Yin and Yang

Above all, we must know that the Yin and Yang energies may each have two different polarities. When these energies are in growth phase, they are called "young". When they are on decrease, they are called "old" or "mutant". Just as the sun is bright and warm morning (Yang rising, but decrease of Yin), which is softer and less warm in the afternoon (but decrease the growth of Yang Yin). It therefore speaks of "young yin" and "mutant Yin", the "Young Yang" and "Yang mutant.

The figures draw energy and Yin / Yang

If you started the pack:

  • 6 = Yin mutant
  • 8 = Young Yin
  • 9 = Yang mutant
  • 7 = Young Yang

If you counted the sticks:

  • 25 = Yin mutant
  • 17 = Young Yin
  • 13 = Yang mutant
  • 21 = Young Yang

Yang is transcribed with a continuous line.

Yin is transcribed with broken line (or two small strokes separated).

Yang mutant is transcribed with a continuous line in the center which we draw a small circle.

Yin mutant is transcribed by placing a cross between two lines. (see illustration)

The lines are drawn one above the other, in order of appearance of the figures upwards so. Draw your first line (Yin and Yang) taking your first digit. Draw your second line above the first by taking your second digit, and so on until the sixth draft.

Example: If you had 6 6 6 7 8 9 or 25 25 25 21 17 13, you get the picture located in the illustration below: The hexagram # 35 "Getting the big day." This is the hexagram of departure from which will form new hexagrams.

The nuclear hexagram: to get to the bottom of things

From the hexagram of departure, giving you the "general temperature" of the situation, it is possible to go further and seek the root causes underlying that led you to the situation time. For this it uses the middle four lines of the hexagram starting. In our example, it is therefore the 4 traits Yin, Yin Yang, Yin, upward forever. For the nuclear deal, we take the first three traits Yin, Yin Yang, which placed the last three Yin Yang, Yin. We obtained the hexagram 39 "Interference".

The hexagrams derived: to go into detail

Each mutant line of the hexagram initial reports that Yang and Yin are about to turn in the opposite polarity. Well you are going to transfer these traits one by one. In our example (hexagram 35), you'll transform the first feature Yin mutant by replacing Yang. You get a new hexagram which gives you a light on a moment of your situation. In the case here, the hexagram 21 "Biting and Uniting." Do this with each of the mutant lines of the hexagram original.

The hexagram of perspective of potential developments

The I Ching gives advice to always act. It proposes strategies to adopt attitudes, understandings to assimilate. And here you can see what openings, opportunities for changing your situation. For this, we must transfer all the mutant traits simultaneously, for the hexagram perspective. Attention this is not an oracle or a prediction. It is a vision of the possible situation, from advice given in the initial hexagram; you can choose not to follow. In our example, the mutation of mutant lines gives us the hexagram No. 34 "Grand Force

The hexagram opposite to be sure not to mislead

And finally, the I Ching offers us a kind of comprehensive insurance: to be sure you understand the situation as detailed in all previous hexagrams, he proposes to reverse all the features of the original hexagram in order to achieve its opposite. And by contrast, you get what your situation is not! In our example, we like the opposite hexagram No. 5 "Wait" (which at first sight is the opposite of "Getting to light").

You are equipped with keys to open the first door of the Yi Jing. Just cause you now, never to encounter technical difficulties. As for the analysis, we repeat, it is best to consult a teacher or an experienced person before launching into a solo adventure.