Gadgets Are They Saving Us Time? Do They Make Life Easier?

My Daily Life is Consumed with Gadgets - Guilty of Gadget Mania -

The New Kindle Fire

When you google gadgets what exactly are you looking for?  The latest new thing that will make life so much easier and save you time?

Gadget reviews? To see whats the top gadget.  Do you know you can have windows desktop gadget, windows gadgets vista and windows it gadgets, 7 gadgets, gadgets sidebar, gadgetst on your desktop.   STOP your saying, enough already!  What are i gadgets?  These are the many things millions of people are looking for and typing in to google every day.

In the last decade we have seen an explosion of gadgets in every household.  One of the questions posted recently on google was, Why do we need any more gadgets?  A valid argument I think but equally I cannot say that I have not been enticed by all the marketing hype to actually want all the latest and newest items that will make my life easier and will also save me time.  The question is how good are these gadgets and are they really time saving?  Is it just a question of having the next latest gadget because we are being influenced by the marketing by these companies.  Of course one company that comes to mind is Apple.  How is it possible that they can release a new product knowing full well they have withheld a vital component that we all know will be added eight months later as an upgrade and also with a higher price?  What happens to the phone or ipad version 1? When everyone wants to upgrade because we know we all have to have the features that they missed off the version one.  I am puzzled, that regardless of them doing this you will find queues of people around an apple store and even sleeping outside the stores waiting to get in  first to purchase the next upgrade or release.  My cynical mind may ask if they actually pay actors and actresses to sleep outside?  It would certainly support the marketing campaign and hype surrounding the latest release.  We all know human beings are curious and if we see crowds of people surrounding a store we all want to know what is going on.

Girls and GadgetsCredit: dreamstime

 I know that I sound quite jaded and I may add cynical about it all, but I am actually one of these people that really  likes the latest invention or to see how far technology can go.  Its no good saying well I do not know how to use a computer because the world is changing so significantly we need to get on board with all the updated information to keep a job today and that is no matter what age you are. 

I now confess I am guilty of gadget mania.  Travelling to visit grandchildren, my handbag consists of my Kindle, my IPod touch, my Blackberry, my spare phone, and my MSI Wind Notebook.

Rushing out the door ready to catch my train my husband's concern is whether I have got all my chargers.  I count 5 individual separate USB wires and phone chargers for my handbag gadgets.  We panic as we realise that one of our sons has accidently taken one of the phone chargers which means one of us will not be able to charge a phone while away from each other. Why do I need all these items?

Please do not say,  I do not need them.  Let's start with the Kindle.  A  fabulous and lovely Christmas morning surprise.  I really was not sold on the Kindle at all.  I was ardently wishing for an Ipad but knew that was not on the Christmas budget list this year.  My love has been a slow burner for the Kindle.  Take it off me today and I would be devastated.  What impressed me very quickly was the ease of adding my favourite books, newspapers, magazines and blogs.  It even bookmarks so easily! No more folded pages or losing where I am.  I absolutely love that I can make notes of parts of books that I really like.  Which, has now given me another business idea!  What, husband failed to realise is that I now need a Kindle book fund!  Its no good him telling me to download the ones that are free.  They are just not good enough.  I want the books that I like to read, otherwise what is the point?  While travelling to see my grandchildren I smugly sat on the train knowing I had a plethora of  my chosen and favourite (expensive) books to read.  Equally I watched as other travellers of assorted ages pull out their Kindles, amongst other gadgets such as ,

iPad One of The Best GadgetsCredit: Dreamstime

 iPads, computers and phones.  I was intrigued by my fellow travellers wondering what books they have chosen to download.  Don't get me wrong, I love the feel of a book and turning the pages but I also dislike the thought of any tedious journey or dental, doctors or hospital waiting rooms full of dodgy magazines.  I now don't dread appointments or journeys and now feel that it’s not such a waste of time as I can lose myself in my Kindle.  In answer to my above thoughts at the beginning of this article, do any of these items save me time?  I do not actually think they do, but I hasten to add, I love using them daily.




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