The 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 is my truck of the year.   Being in the market for a new truck for over a month, I had the opportunity to test drive each different truck in the same class.   The Sierra came out ahead in nearly every department.

I test drove and eventually purchased the Sierra 1500 SLE 4x4 with options including max towing, crew cab, chrome, 5.3L V8 with 6-speed active fuel management (AFM) transmission, bucket seats, and power folding mirrors.  I didn’t add leather, a sunroof, and oversized tires but added 17”off-road tires of which the dealer threw in with the purchase.  MSRP was $48,000 but with all of the incentives I paid $37,000. 

This isn’t my first truck but it’s definitely my best so far.  The seats are comfortable, the drive is relaxing, and the added Bluetooth technology is handy.  The interior is more than spacious enough with room for my wife, 6-year old son, and 160LB English Mastiff dog.   The upgraded sound system makes it sound like you are at a concert.

The exterior is stunning and earns compliments everywhere I go.    The chrome grill adds significantly to Sierra’s already proud looking front end.  The chrome door handles, mirrors, and 6” chrome tubular steps appeal to the more luxurious side for drivers.  Equipped with 17” off-road tires on aluminum alloys to finish off the exterior, I find it very difficult to take my eyes off this truck.

The 5.3L V8 engine is smooth; a good mix of power and economy.  The 6-speed transmission with AFM allows the vehicle to cruise along in V4 mode and lets you know via the instant fuel economy function on the computer.    I picked up the truck with the odometer reading 12 miles.  It now reads 560 miles (900KMS) and my average fuel economy reads out at 17MPG (14.0L/100KM).   I have the 25G/98L fuel tank equipped which costs about $125 to fill-up and on my first tank I drove 416 miles (670KM) to the empty line which is a 20% increase from my last truck (2008 Silverado).

The one criticism I have, which seems common, is the wide turning radius - certainly not a deal breaker though.

I bought this truck to be an occasional not full-time commuter vehicle but I simply cannot stop driving it. Enjoying fuel efficiency that will only get better as I break it in, this truck will probably remain as my daily “enjoy the drive to work” vehicle.