Every consumer has the right to receive products that are safe and free from any defect. While many companies and manufacturers try their best not to produce defective products, such products still manage to sneak into the market. If a buyer purchases the product and he gets injured because of it, he may file a product recall claim against the manufacturer. There have been a number of recalls recently concerning different types of products. Some of them include:

Consumer products

Products that are used by people to perform daily activities are included in this group. Tractors, gloves, baby products and utility items are just some of the products that were recently recalled by their respective manufacturers.

Food, medicine, and cosmetic products

Dietary supplements and several types of food for humans and even animals were recalled by their producers this year. Consumers who have such problems should contact the product's manufacturer immediately to avoid injuries, illnesses and even death.

Motor vehicle parts and safety components

Safety car parts, tires and child restraints are just some of the items recalled because of their risk to inflict injury and cause accidents to consumers.

Environmental and chemical products

Pesticides and chemicals used in construction sites were recalled because they pose unreasonable risks of personal injury even if their users handle them with utmost care.

If you have purchased an item or product and it caused you injuries, you may submit the recall to its manufacturer. However, you should make sure that you satisfy all the conditions in order for your recall to be approved. Here are some of these conditions:

  • The product's defect has caused the injury.

  • The product was unreasonably dangerous for the consumer.

  • The manufacturer failed to include necessary labels and instructions with the product.

  • A product's being dangerous does not qualify it to be recalled.

Once you meet these rules, your request for recall may be approved by the company. Do not hesitate to take such actions concerning the defective product. Consider the welfare of other consumers who might also get hurt because of it. Making a recall enables the manufacturer to review their products and modify them to become safer items for their buyers. Do not worry because you would be properly compensated for your losses.