All of us know that there are several differences between contacts and glasses. Glasses have existed before contact lenses, however a lot of people choose to wear contact lenses instead of them. Contact lenses are becoming popular and widely used, proving to be the ideal alternative to putting on heavy glasses.

When comparing contact lenses against eyeglasses, you will find a lot of differences. The first difference will be the field of vision. Eyeglasses provide you with good front vision, however their peripheral vision is fairly poor. Contacts alternatively provide you with an excellent field of vision, including peripheral. You will not be limited to just looking straight forward, as contacts will enable you to look anywhere you want without having any problems.

One more important difference is the weight. Eyeglasses are annoying weight on both your face and your ears. They also have to be tightened regularly. Contact lenses on the contrary weigh nothing at all. When you put on contact lenses you do not have to keep worrying about tightening them which could be very annoying.

Glasses tend to fog up often, and they could be annoying during practicing your preferred sport. Contact lenses however, do not fog up. You could practice any sport you want without worrying about them at all. They will not fall off or slide down your nose while running, and they won't limit what you could do when you participate in any sport.

One more bad thing about eyeglasses would be the fact that they should match what you wear. If you've casual and informal frames, they might not go well with your evening clothes. The colors might also clash, which could be an unfavorable thing for those who care about their style. On the contrary, contacts will go with anything you wear, for the simple fact that they are not noticed.

While there are several differences between the two, they have a few things in common too. Both eyeglasses and contact lenses need cleaning and careful handling. You will have to spray and clean your eyeglasses several times daily. Contact lenses also should be cleaned, before you wear them and soaked in solution when you are not using them. You might also need to use eye drops during the day while wearing contact lenses, especially if your eyes begin to dry out.

Glasses and contacts could both fix astigmatism as well. If you've astigmatism, you could put on either glasses or contact lenses. Astigmatism is an odd cornea shape that can affect your vision, common with the elderly. While a lot of people believe that only eyeglasses will fix this issue, contact lenses could correct the problem as well.

The nice thing about both contact lenses and glasses is the fact that both are affordable and cost-effective. You could get contact lenses and glasses at inexpensive prices. Taking into account the fact that you'll probably be wearing them for the rest of your life, they'll be the best purchase you will ever make.

No matter which one you choose, you'll surely get the vision that you need. If you are not lucky enough to have ideal vision, contacts and eyeglasses will be the best way to fix it.