Planting inside containers gives the ability to establish a natural sanctuary in a street that holds daily hustle and bustle. These garden containers can be placed on the balconies and rooftops. They offer a great addition in accenting a patio or deck needing some kind of welcoming look through pots full of colorful annuals. You might also fill some window boxes with gorgeous small perennials or shrub roses that have the ability to go beyond the one season.

You could highlight a small area with simple individual plantings yet actually positioning your pots in a group to gain a impacting effect through a mass of plants. Either path you take will undoubtedly give yourself and others delight in this easy container way of creating an inviting garden.

Container planting will help you to vary your color scheme simply and easily. Whenever some plants end their flowering time, they can easily be replaced with other flowering ones. The ease at which you can move around your flowering pots helps keep control of your portable garden.

Whether or not you decide to establish harmony or create contrast with your flowers colors, definitely make plans to get plants of varying heights in order to give your garden depth. Another way to add variety to your garden will be using plants with a wide variety of leaf shapes and textures. Using a plant that has taller strap shaped leaves will offer a nice vertical background for those lower height wider shaped plants.

Think ahead by selecting those plans that will be able to flower longer in a season for more color. Having a definite plan should provide a clear understanding of how your plants will look over time as it changes from month to month. Otherwise, you might also plan to replace shorter time length flowering plants with others when the time arises. However, don't be too concerned because container plant gardening offers great flexibility offering tremendous room for learning as you go.

Another way to add variety to your container planting will be using creative looking containers. Do not simply use plastic containers that you'll find more cheaply at your local garden store. Even if you don't have the money to purchase more expensive ones, you'll likely find some used ones available for purchase at local garage sales or on Craigslist. Sometimes staining clay pots will also be a possibility. However, whatever type pots you use, make sure you have draining saucers to catch excess water after plant watering. Draining water has the ability to rot wooden flooring and stain cement ones.

Planting in containers will go hand-in-hand with the becoming more creative with your garden. It easily allows you to change around your garden almost as often as you would like. You'll not be stuck with having to dig up some plants just to reposition them in another place. The portability of this type of gardening help to mix and match very frequently to gain the most comfortable and creative layout that you can.