Many people do not recognize the importance of the curtain, as well as the many contributing accessories and hardware that go with it as having a direct effect to the look of the overall theme of a space. Window drapery consists of many different elements that offer unique customization and fantastic accents to the other dominant accessories in a room. Some of these aspects aside from the curtain itself include the curtain rod, hold backs, as well as the finials that reside on each end of the curtain rod.

Among these accessories, one in particular is extremely important; the curtain rod. As the modern style continues to snowball in popularity, contemporary curtain rods have become a staple in window drapery design. As such, there are a number of different designs and styles that fall into the contemporary category that offer a unique and somewhat personalized touch to whatever room is exhibiting the drapery you wish to supplement the curtain rod with. Among some of these styles reside 3 dominant categories that revolve around specific finishes; wood finishes, stainless steel, and polished metals.

Wood Finisheswoodrod:
Contemporary curtain rods that exhibit wood finishes tend to meld well into rustic or country accented modern themes. However, there are plenty of sleek and sharp designs that function well with modern color schemes and angular accessories.
These are a classic preference and have continuously evolved. While in fact they do not have to added shine and appeal of some of the more expensive metals, they more than hold their own in most contemporary themes.

Stainlestainlessrodss Steel Finishes:
Stainless steel is a staple in modern design elements for a wide array of accessories. The main reason for this is the fact that no matter the design of the accessory, the finish of the stainless steel offers a default sleek look that is prevalent in a contemporary theme. Generally, you will find these pieces consisting of relatively simple designs, generally exhibiting finials with simple spheres or angular shapes that meld well into most modern based drapery color schemes.

Polishednickelrod Metal Finishes:
Polished metal finishes consist of items such as brushed nickel, polished chrome, etc. These are the top dogs in modern design. Not only do they offer the most functionality in their longevity and durability, but the attention to detail in terms of the sharpness of their finish really add to the brilliance of them when they are incorporated into a space. However, these types of contemporary curtain rods tend to be the most expensive of the options mentioned above.