Why choose a contemporary fireplace?

Contemporary fireplaces can be quite different from what one naturally associates it with a fireplace - the crackling open fire and warmth all around. This classic definition is far from efficient, as modern technology has come up with more innovative and effective ways to conserve the heat. The fireplace stove is one of many new innovations.
Not only has the heating efficiency increased over the years, but many people have changed from the traditional to a more contemporary aesthetic looking fireplace.

Contemporary is the rage these days. The fireplace is now considered as an integral part of the decor of the modern home.Gone is the days when you had to clean the chimney of soot and ash.

One of the choices available these days is the gas operated fireplace.

Advantages of a contemporary gas fireplace

Gas operated fireplaces have been available over the years, but in recent times the designs and range available has been extraordinary. Contrary to the old gas fireplaces which had a constant blue flame , these new contemporary designs have orange and yellow flames which are so life like. The new fireplaces have adjustable flames. Gone are the days when most of the heat was lost through the chimney.

The new modern designs does away with the bothersome cleaning of the soot and the embers of the burnt wood and best of all you can have such a realistic fire that one cannot tell the difference between the flames in a gas fireplace and the traditional wood burning fire. The ease and comfort of operating a fire with just the touch of a button is unparalleled. Most importantly many of these contemporary fireplaces do not need electricity. That is a huge saving on your electricity bills.

The advantage these fireplaces have is that they can be installed in any location in your house. They just need to be connected to a natural gas or a propane source. They can even be installed in the centre of a room as long as you have a source for natural gas or propane.

Types of contemporary gas fireplaces

You can pick up a gas fireplace which has no vents, natural vents and also with a direct vent. The major advantage you will derive is that regardless of which kind of gas fireplace you install, you do not need the chimney like a traditional wood burning fireplace.
The gas fireplace unit comes with thermostat controls. You have a choice between manual and remote controls. The heat can be adjusted to just the level you want. In fact in some units the heat can be lessened or increased while keeping the sixe of the flame intact.

Natural gas or propane

Most of us in cities have access to natural gas. If you do not have the facility of natural gas, you only have to install a tank where you can store propane. Most of the gas companies will fill up the propane in your tank on a regular basis.

Contemporary Fireplace Styles
There are models available for every taste and budget. From the ultra modern to something looking quite traditional. The gas logs used inside the unit can be simulated to look like different types of wood. You might want to simulate pine, teak or even padauk.

When you have decided to install a contemporary fireplace in your home, you will have to decide on your priorities. Is the general look of the fireplace more important or is it the efficiency. You will have to consider factors like the climate of the place you stay in and therefore how much heating you will require.
The type of construction of your home will also have a bearing on what kind of gas fireplace you can install easily. Whether you can install a natural vent or you need a vent less gas fireplace.

A contemporary fireplace will add warmth and comfort to your home while also enhancing the décor. It is best that you consult with a company with experience in installing gas fireplaces. They will be able to advice you on the best fireplace for your needs.