Contemporary home decor is a fantastic way to get a cutting edge look that you won't regret later on. A lot of people think that contemporary decor is the same as modern. Modern decorating refers to a specific time period while contemporary is constantly changing and refers to what is happening and popular right now. This is great if you want a huge wow factor in your home, but it can also look outdated quickly.

Maximize your budget. You could invest in a trend that just never catches on. Instead use smaller accessories that you can easily change out later on. When you invest in a sofa it stays around for a few years, but you can easily change out your curtains. It might also be helpful to stagger your room renovations. If you change everything at the same time then it will probably get overwhelmingly. Plus all of your stuff will go out of date together. Instead, take your time to find pieces that you truly love and have a use for. This ensures that you can mix and match your furniture and accessories later on to create unique, eclectic looks. This way your room won't scream "I was decorated in (insert year here)" but you'll still have a contemporary style.

Get a brightly colored chair or barstool depending on the space you are working with. This gives you the opportunity to really change the look of your furniture without getting all new pieces. You can choose any bright or bold color you want such as yellow, red, lime green, turquoise or purple if you are starting from a neutral room.

Choose a sculptural lamp. Accessories are kept to a minimum for a clean look in this design style. The pieces that you do use should make a big impact. You can find floor lamps with several heads that have a retro vibe to them. Think of it as an updated version of that focus that your mom always used to decorate with. You can also find paper shades that mimic lotus petals or origami as an inexpensive fix for a chandelier.

Skip the artwork or go with funky pieces. You can also work graphic modern artwork into this design aesthetic because of the focus on bold colors and graphics. It seems like right now wall stickers are really popular. These aren't just for kids. You can find a set of frames to give importance to your favorite pictures and turn them into a collage of artwork. You can also do the silhouettes of trees or birds for a natural feel that is also graphic. The key is to choose oversized pieces and just use one kind per room. Also these items should just have one color for maximum impact.

Use ceramics wisely. These are some of the few traditional home accessories that are showing up on the contemporary decorating scene. In fact you can often find designer magazines that showcase several vases all on the same bookcase. No one needs that many vases but it adds a sculptural element to your room. You can also choose ceramic based lampshades. Find plain pieces that focus on sheen rather than pattern.

Contemporary home decor will make your place look trendy. Just make sure that you spend the appropriate amount for items that won't be in style forever.