A contemporary leather living room allows you to bring in durable and comfortable elements that are still sleek. You might think that leather furniture is just for a bachelor pads but it can have a feminine or contemporary touch to it. Leather furniture is popular because of how comfortable it is but you can also incorporate it into an overall modern design.

Invest in contemporary leather sectionals to create a lounge feel. This will also seem more modern than a traditional sofa and love seat. You maybe able to break up the pieces of the sectional so it fits better in your living room. One of your complaints in the past about leather furniture may have been that it just seems so big. While having furniture that pays attention to scale is important, a sectional provides you with ample seating. It can also conform to the architecture of your space, especially if you have an l shaped living room to maximize the area. Talk to your furniture dealer about finding a sectional curves to the right or to the left depending on your living room. If you don't want the furniture to dominate the space then try a monochromatic look. White or ivory leather will seem bright and airy. Pair it with low end tables and stainless steel accents for a modern look.

Contemporary leather sofas can be warm without being fussy. If you're afraid of a masculine black leather sofa then go with a chocolate brown couch. This color works great with natural wood tones. Bring in the masculine feel with clean lines that won't overwhelm your space. You may even want to add wood veneer wallpaper on one accent wall to tie it in with the sofa. This is a modern way to create a library feel that isn't fussy or antiquated. If you're working in a small space try getting by with just a leather sofa and an arm chair or chaise lounge to save space. The chair and chaise lounge can be placed diagonally. Modern sofas are often armless so you may be able to put the sofa and chaise next to each other so it looks like a custom sectional. Warm up the room with natural grass woven elements and pops of color. The rich brown leather may have touches of red which you can bring out in vases and decorative accessories.

Contemporary living room decor is based on clean lines and lots of light. You can make leather furniture work in a light and airy room. This way you don't sacrifice comfort or style. You may be able to find a leather sofa with straight lines and a low back. Look for a bright or modern color such as orange, yellow or red. It's not your traditional leather sofa, right? Focus the room on the view and keep the windows unadorned to allow the maximum amount of light in the space.

Contemporary living room designs often focus on two tone sofas and the same is true for leather furniture. Since clean lines are in style it makes sense to add different colors to the furniture for interest. Your furniture dealer may allow you to pick the two colors for your furniture. You may want to stick with a neutral color palette so you don't have to replace your furniture as often. You can go with a high contrast look by choosing black paired with taupe. You can also make a two tone sectional work in a more neutral room by going with various shades of brown. For a truly modern room you can divide the room in half color wise. The bottom half of the room can be the same color as the bottom color of the sectional. You can even choose flooring or a rug that matches. Paint the top half of the room the top color of the sofa for an effect that has visual punch.

If you don't have leather furniture you can still bring in leather accents. This material adds color and warmth to a room but is still sleek enough for modern design. You can buy small leather swatches and then make them the focal point of the room. You can upholster a wall with leather panels or turn smaller squares into pieces of artwork. Keep the swatches tone on tone so it still has a modern feel. You can add interest to the piece by going with different textures like faux alligator skin and varying the sizes of the panels. Try this treatment on just one wall so that it doesn't overwhelm the space. It will almost have a tile effect and you can even add in metallic fabrics such as gold or silver for some sheen. Look for everyday items with a leather finish to keep the room feeling elegant. You may even be able to find a home stereo system covered in faux leather so it becomes an asset instead of a liability. You can also find a leather screen for a subtle room accent. This will warm up a modern sofa which may otherwise seem stark. Use the screen to hide a play area for your kids or disguise a treadmill.

Leather furniture can be expensive. You may be able to find a few pieces on clearance but they might be mismatched. This works well in contemporary design just as long as you go with bold color choices. Place four armchairs in a room to create an interesting seating area. You can choose a leather armchair in a wide range of colors. Keep with the same style and design for a sense of cohesion but mix up the colors like using green, yellow and orange. You'll want to keep the walls neutral so the furniture makes the statement in the room. Bring in a piece of artwork that ties all of the colors together so the palette makes sense. This is a bold statement that will only last for a few years but you can break up the pieces later on and use them in different rooms. Leather furniture doesn't have to be dated; it can work in a contemporary space and make a statement in a room.