Contemporary wallpaper is really going to take this very traditional material and make it a lot more fun. It can work in a kid’s room but it is also going to be a very dramatic addition to your main living spaces. In fact because it is so bold you really won't need any artwork on top of it. Here are a few of the designs that are readily available right now.

Instead of a lot of borders just focus on larger sheets of wallpaper. However, this can still help you to frame out the room but usually it has more of a free flowing effect. This may mean that you have oversized flowers that really go from panel to panel. The floral print might just be in the middle of your room but it's not going to be as static as a basic wallpaper border.

Another option that we really see a lot in contemporary wallpaper designs is going to be oversized graphics. Again, if you just have a basic floral print it's going to feel very elegant, vintage, or country. To really drive home the theme look for oversized flowers whether it's a sunflower or even a typical rose. Even if it's just a monochromatic kind of print it's still really going to get noticed. This also makes it much more youthful feeling so you can even use it in a kids room if you just want more of a modern touch.

One popular motif is going to be a birch tree. Typically this would just use a lot of white and black and this can be very modern looking. However, lately we are really seeing this changed up with different colors of backgrounds to make it funky such as turquoise or even a mustard kind of tone. This makes it suitable for a kid’s room, but it also just takes elements that may seem a little bit stark and warms them up quite a lot.

One pattern that we see a ton of in this design style is going to be swirls. This could be very formal and it could even work in a formal dining room. In this case, you could go for deep chocolate, or even a purple background and swirls. This can be smaller and really mimic embroidery. However, if it has a white background then an outline drawing can really lend more of a modern or a retro kind of effect. It can even really mimic drawings. This is going to make it a little bit more masculine and it's funky enough to use in a teenagers room.