Online Marketing Techniques

Content marketing is a crucial part of many businesses these days. Never before has it been so important to take a quality focused approach to our online activities.

Google, and the other search engines, have been battling Internet promoters for many years. Internet promoters have always been out for a quick way to manipulate the search rankings so that they can make a quick buck. Recent Google updates have shown that they have targeted keyword stuffing, poor quality content, spun content, link farms and a lot of other low value practices.

These days we want to succeed online. If we don’t have a good online presence then we are almost doomed to failure in many industries.

The Internet speed that we have in the UK has got better and better. The average speed now is over 12 Mb per second. Anything double digits is enough for  a number of people to do fairly intensive activities on the same connection.

We have fibre-optic broadband rolling around the country. Fibre-optic broadband is the future of fixed broadband connections. There has been talk about designated fibre-optic broadband cables reaching 10 GB per second connection speeds. This is frankly incredible. These kind of speeds will be the domain of business not residential broadband. But, we’ve already seen 330 MB second connection speeds on residential broadband.

Mobile broadband has improved significantly as well. We now have 4G mobile broadband connections that offer speeds that are hitting 100 MB per second. The speed that you will achieve on 4G will be dependent on how close you are to a telephone mast. It is estimated that 99% of the UK population will have access to 4G through one of the main networks by the end of 2014.

The improving UK broadband services will only further fuel the consumer move to the online environment. In 2012 over 36,000,000 people purchased something online. This is incredible considering the resistance to online shopping just a few years ago. It seems we have got comfortable with searching for products and services online, and popping credit card details in to make purchases.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a new and magical way to promote your business. It is totally ethical and within the guidelines of search engines. It is a way of getting your products and services in front  of your target audience. By creating relevant and valuable content it is possible to attract and engage with more people than ever before. One of the key drivers behind the success of content marketing is the ability to share through social media. Great content gets shared!

Benefits of Content Marketing

There are many benefits of content marketing. One of the biggest is that you will get better ranking in the search engines. Google has indicated that they now use social signals as a key part of their algorithm.

You will also be able to target keywords better by listening to visitors through social media and by getting your content marketing aligned to what people are searching for. You can use synonyms, colloquialisms and target specific visitors.

The more content that you produce the more traffic you are likely to drive; you will have more keywords and more shares through social media.

Content marketing isn’t free, but it can be cheap if you keep it in-house.

The Four Main Content Marketing Areas

There are four main content marketing areas, and these are:

  • blogging
  • infographics
  • press releases
  • guest posting


It is important that you have a blog for your website and you produce quality information. Develop a schedule so you can constantly upgrade the contents so that you are keeping your blog fresh. Target certain keywords and encourage social sharing of the content that you produce.

Don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality. Ensure that everything matches up to the brand that you are trying to create and never let any poor quality content through. Everything should be unique; never duplicate!

Use short and punchy paragraphs, as these will enhance the impact of your blogs.


By using graphics you can increase the amount of shares that you can achieve… dramatically. Make infographics visually appealing and gather statistics, charts and graphs as much as possible. Use social media to promote your infographics and share them by making them embeddable.

Infographics can go viral very quickly. They’re well worth the time spent developing them.

Don’t copy them! Keep them simple! Make them suitable for webpages, tracking vertically.

Press Releases

If you don’t have anything to say then don’t bother writing a press release. It is normally easy to create a story around a topic, launch or an announcement. Make sure the headline that you use is catchy; it is the headline that will get your press release read.

Don’t let any typos or factual errors through and make the format professional so that it is clearly a press release. Backup analysis and statistics by citing the sources of information.

Don’t clutter your press release with links. Keep your links to a minimum and preferably make them extremely relevant. Your press release shouldn’t be a sales message. Get the tone right.

Follow the guidelines of any sites that you want to publish your press release on, and view lots of samples to ensure that you don’t waste your time.

Guest Posts

When writing this post you should ensure that you are thinking about the guidelines of the location you want your post to go. Make links relevant, and where possible link to authority or news websites related to your post. Include a good author bio that describes you; make it high quality.

Assess the websites that you want to guest post on and make sure it is worth your time. Linking from poor quality websites is bad for the reputation of yours. Respond to comments on the posts that you make and you will be invited back to post again.

Think influence rather than link building when you are guest posting. Write an expert piece on a new and interesting topic, or with a new angle. It’s a good idea to submit suggestions to the website owner before you actually write a piece, so that you are efficient with your time.

Ask for suggestions and enhancements that the website owner may like so you can get it just right for their website.

Guest posting should be a consultative process rather than a dictatorial one. Make sure it is win-win.

Final Word

Content marketing really is an effective way to promote your business. It’s refreshing to have a quality focused medium that can set your businesses apart. Follow the guidelines in this article and you will be more likely to have success in the content marketing promotion of your business.

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