Why People Resist Improving Their Financial Situation

Content With Being BrokeCredit: http://www.thesweetmelissa.comCan you believe that there are some people that are actually content with being broke? Yes, they are actually satisfied with just barely having enough money to survive. Now, I'm not saying that these people are running around screaming, "I love being broke and living paycheck to paycheck!" But their actions imply that they're comfortable in their current position.

What is Broke?

When I say broke, I'm not talking about poor. Poor and broke are not the same thing. I like how best-selling author and financial coach Dave Ramsey puts it in his Financial Peace University course, "Poor is a state of mind." On the other hand, broke is pretty much literally having nothing.

Reasons Why People are BROKE

People Do Not Like Change - Change is not natural to us, therefore we usually resist it. Most of us get comfortable, whether it's a job or a pair of pants...and we generally like to keep it that way. Change is something that has to be learned and takes effort. Failing to adapt can cause us to miss great opportunities and limit our chances of success.

The Person is Ignorant of Solutions to Help Their Situation - Some people aren't as blessed to be surrounded by extremely knowledgeable and resourceful peers and mentors. Or they're extremely busy, so they don't have the time to invest in finding a solution to their financial dilemma.

People Do Not Want to Be Helped - Some people, no matter how much you want it for them, simply do not want to be helped.

Reasons Why People Stay BROKE

They Were Trained to Fail - In our schools, we train our children to fit in, not stand out. They are taught basic skills, which are barely enough to survive, much less succeed in life. There is no education of taxes, how to manage your money, budgeting, etc. How does a nation who doesn't train its citizens to be successful expect to prosper? You got me.

It's What They've Always Known - If you're raised a certain way, even if that way is terrible, it's very difficult to break away from that pattern. If a child was raised in a minimum wage household, most likely the cycle will repeat to the next generation.

Fear of Success - Yes, some people are actually afraid of experiencing success, because, again, it's change. It's something they've never known or experienced before, which makes them uncomfortable, and they are uncertain they will know what to do if it were to happen.

Becoming unBROKE

Make and Effort to Surround Yourself with Highly Successful People - Create relationships with those who you view as intelligent and that have the qualities, experience and things that you desire. You can get to where you want in life two ways - money or people or a combination of each. The latter is the most rewarding, because relationships can get you places and open up many more opportunities than any amount of money ever will.

Invest in Assets - Use your money that you do have to invest in assets, which are things that make you money. That's how the rich got rich and that's how they continue to grow wealthier and wealthier over time.

Continue to Learn - Expose yourself to new experiences and information continuously because this increases your worth and makes you more valuable.

** If you were content with being broke before reading this article, I hope that your eyes were opened and you'll seek to improve your current financial situation.