Everyone that has ever opened an internet page and seen the Google ads displayed knows that you can make money from home. While the prospect of making money from home may seem like an illusive beast similar to a unicorn the truth is people are really doing it. This article is not written to convince you to quit your day job, it's intent is rather to persuade you into taking a proactive role in your future.

timeYou may have a great job now with no intention of leaving it and that's OK! The content writing world isn't for everyone and it can be tough to break into and do well at. Allot of people fail in their initial writing endeavors because they simply don't give it enough time. If you already have a job you love it can work in your favor twofold in the work at home world.

The best advice any writer can receive is "write what you know." You know how to do your job, you know how to get the degree, the steps you took to get hired, and furthermore the steps you take to get that excellent raise every year. This information can help many people across the web who may be interested in your type of work, or simply interested in advancing themselves in their line of work.

retirementlaneAs humans we are encouraged when we read an account of someone else that "made it." In whatever avenue of life we all can stand to be encouraged. Your life experiences can pay big dividend's if you take the time to simply share them with the world. It is my belief that an excellent strategy exists for people who don't wish to quit the rat race to work full time from home. There is simply no need to explain the pro's and con's of working from home in this article. If you have a steady income most of the reasons won't matter to you at this point anyway.

I have a challenge for you. While your job is great and the benefits are good your retirement plan may be inadequate, or non-existent. With home mortgages, car payments, and credit debt you may be in a position where you just can't put as much into the 401k or Roth IRA as you would like. When the budget is stretched as far as it can go you may find yourself wondering how the small monetary contribution you make today will support you years from now. My plan is to encourage you to make a contribution of a different kind.

fourhoursMy challenge to you is to contribute time to a different endeavor. I understand that you are busy, and you have a demanding career, or children in little league. As a mom of six children I know very well how important every minute of everyday can seem. I also know that when I retire I want to be able to "DO" something, anything, even if it isn't what the Joneses are doing.

I challenge you to look into a part-time freelance career. You don't even have to call it that if you don't want to. We can call it a writing hobby, or we can call it "piddling", which is what I call doing a bunch of random thing's without really doing much at all. I don't want you to work hard at it, I don't want you to loose sleep over it, however I do want you to know that time spent now can turn into big dollars later.

retirementsignSince I am encouraging you to spend so little time on writing and promoting content it is important to me to talk to you about host companies. Info Barrel, eHow, Bukisa and several others are all host companies. Your host company provides you a freedom that bloggers and other freelancers don't have. You can produce content for a host company, promote it some and then virtually leave it alone. The reason that you can do this is because these companies all rank very well within search engines. People go to these websites looking for knowledge, and as we talked about before you have some. Keep in mind that we are talking about a miniscule amount of contribution and you will not generate money as quickly as other freelancers who work from home. The adage "time is money" is very true BUT your contribution is very valuable none the less.

The dollars and sense of this article breaks down like this. I challenge you to set aside 4 hours a week. In that time I want you to research about SEO optimization, and writing for content. I want you to get familiar with the tools freelancers use to get the writing job done. When you are comfortable with these tasks I want you to join a host company and write some content. As I stated before there are several, my favorite is Info Barrel that's why this article appears here.

dollarsandcentsEvery week I want you to continue to use that same 4 hours to generate content for your host company. If you write one article in that time then you have met the goal, generate more and you have surpassed it. One article written every week will give you 52 articles in a year. I want you to write your one article, promote it and move on to the next.

As I have talked about in other articles each piece of content you write has the potential to make you $1.00 a month, while this is a conservative estimate, it is the amount we are going to use for this little math lesson. As I understand it, in the real working world you can retire from your job in 20 years. Twenty years at 52 articles a year is 1040 articles. That content translates into $1040.00 every month for the life that your articles remain on the internet. I consider this to be a pretty good paycheck for piddling during 4 hours of your weekend.

I know what your thinking, "I can write so much more than that." This may very well be true, but it truly isn't necessary, not unless you intend to join the masses of pajama wearing work at home entrepreneurs. The purpose of this article as I stated before is to encourage you to take active steps to secure your retirement. There are online opportunities to make a very real passive income. This information cost you nothing to read it, it cost's you nothing to sign up with a host company, and if you never make a dime you lost nothing but 4 hours a week. On the flip side what if you do make a dime? What if that dime turns into 20, then 200, then 2,000 and so on? Get to work, you've been challenged.

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