The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well." --John D. Rockefeller

Everyone whether it is a native speaker or the one from the common wealth country all of them are being taught English right from the kindergarten. Writing in English literally starts at a very early age and continues through out ones life time. When every body can write in English, why do we have a term called writer? It's obvious that a writer is one who earns a living by writing. But then what's the difference between the writers writings and others writings? Why are writers paid for writing while any one can write it up themselves? Yes this question is a thought provoking one. The answer is simple the professional writers writings have value. They can entice readers, sell products and place a website on top of search engines.

Of different types of writing, writing for the web is unique it not only requires knowledge of computers and internet but also the ability to comprehend things quickly. Unlike writing for pleasure or academics web writings require a wide knowledge of anything ranging from software to the terms in vogue in the local vegetable market. To be an efficient content writer that can earn a living through writing, it requires the courage to face any challenging work assigned. It isn't easy to be a professional writer because for a writer his school days are never ending. As a writer you will literally be writing exams every day, you will be criticized, humiliated, and so my hurdles to get through your daily exams. Only if you get a pass you can earn through your writings.

To be a successful content writer, you need to be an all-rounder. Everyday you will be facing a different types of assignments like contents for a website, articles of submission, for sales letters, newsletters, press releases, blog content, case studies, search engine optimization and many more. How do you train yourself in so many genres of writing?

As for any other job, writing too requires good amount of training. The training involves in learning of editing, style, tone, formats, SEO, consistency, and many other technical terms and techniques. Once you get trained in these areas then starts the real training that is patience. You should never lose your temper as a writer because you not only will lose your client but it also will affect your other writing works as mental calmness is the source for innovative writing. You need to prove yourself to the world that your writings can serve the purpose and all of this takes some time.